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I purchased several computer flash drives within a few days from different sellers, (1-16gb and 10- 8gb) and only one turned out to be genuine. I had 6 that were a combination silver pen/ 8gb flashdrive which turned out to be nothing more then 230-250mb. A while back there were a few 16gb flashes in a little brown case with a silver snap and a brown loop at the bottom, they are actually 500mb flashes. I have since seen the site which shows that 95% of all flash drives sold on ebay 1gb - 8gb are fake, and I'm sure finding this to be true. When you plug them into your computer, your computer will recognize it as the full capacity, it will appear to hold the full capacity of files that you put into it, but if you execute them, only the first several will actually execute properly. Files beyond a certain point, 230mb, 500mb, 750bm... depending on the drive will display error messages and won't work, even if you load them back onto your computer.  

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