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Know Your Communication Needs

Mobile users need to rely on their cell phone for maintaining communication with their freinds, family, co-workers and clients.  Having a reliable adn economical cell phone will provide mobile users with a valuable tool to compete their jobs.  When considering what cell phone you want to purchase, keep in min dthe different options available and tasks you want to accomplish.  Knowing what you need before you buy will make your decision easier and you will have the mobile device best suited to your needs.

Carrier Plans and Coverage

Before you choose a particular cell phone, it is important to find a service provider that will have the coverage and services you need.  You need a provider with the best signal and coverage in your area.  If yo plan to do a lot of traveling to foreign countries, you will need a carrier that has international coverage packages.  You will need to choose a quad-band phone for traveling because many other countries use different cellular frequencies. 

Consider Options Available

Will you use your cell phone for calling only:  Or, do you need other features?  Consider the size of the phone.  If you need to read and write email, a phone with small letters on a small screen could be very difficult.  Consider available accessories.  You will probably want a headset, maybe an extra battery and a vehicle battery charger.  A new feature on many phones is the Bluetooth Technology, which enables you to use a wireless headset as well as linking with other wireless accessories.  Many phones now have MP3 players and stereo FM radio for your listening pleasure.

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

Cellular phone workers that travel outside the use will need to have their cell phone capable of making and receiving calls from outside North American systems. A quad-band GSM cell phone will allow you to do this with your existing cell phne without having to rent or buy onw wehn abroad.  When seeking a provider, ask about GSM worldwide services.


If you plan to use your cell phone for e-mail, be sure it will allow email as well as the other features you are looking for.  Be certain you  will be able to use your POP or other accounts provided by ISPs.  Check with your online or retail store salesman,independent sales representative or carrier representative to make sure the phone you desire has this feature.  Many phones with the wide, color screen will give you better text visibility.

Do you need a modem

Consider the economic impact of using a phone as a modem.  Many public places have Wi-Fi hotspots which provide high speed internet.  Check with your provider to see if this is a fee for service item.  Use of a modem also requires a data cable which is an accessory purchase item.  Another option is a wireless air card, which fits into your wireless port on your laptop.  Most carriers offer wireless internet and most offer unlimited access data plans.

PDA Phone.

A PDA phone allows you  to keep tasks, contacts schedule and more at immediate access.  Also type Word, Excel and Access documents.  Most PDA phones have a memory port where you can add gigabytes of memory.  Decide which you need the most, a phone or a PDA.  Having a PDA with a Sim card will enable you to put the SIM into another phone if the PDA requires repair.

The Final Purchase

When purchasing a phone on ebay, be sure that you know whether you are bidding on a phone only or a phone with a new plan purchase required.  Ebay allows cell phone dealers to sell phones to be activated on new calling plans .  If the price sounds to good to be true, it probably is because the auction most likely involves entering a contract for new service with the carrier.  If you are only looking for a phone, look under the category:  Cell Phones- Phones Only.  It is also a good idea to know your seller.  You can do this by checking their feedback.  Don't just quickly look at the feedback.  Keep in mind that it is common for a buyer to leave a bad mark for an authorized dealer because they were under the impression that the phone did not involve new service.  Also look at the feedback rating of the person leaving the bad feedback.  They may be new and inexperienced with ebay or someone with a bad reputation themselves.  Many sellers also have an about me page where you can go to learn more about them. 

Buyer Protection. 

Look for a money-back guarantee from the seller as their return policy.  Remember that if you buy through ebay and pay through PayPal, you have 2 forms of buyer protection.


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