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As with most things, there are always collectors and beer cans are no exception. With a little background anyone can start a beer can collection or at least find cans for others. There are a few different styles of cans with the  following differences. Cone Tops-These are cans that kind of look like brake fluid cans but had a regular bottle cap for a lid. Personally these are my favorite and seem to be very collectible but there aren't many left in excellent condition. Not many people are aware that this type of beer can even existed.  The second type is can opener (church key)  cans. These are just as the name implies, cans which needed a can opener to make two holes in the top to get the liquid out. The third is the pull tab or pop top can. These are the cans that had pull tops that everyone threw on the ground that cut many a foot, which I guess is part of the reason for the current design. This can was the transition from tin to aluminum cans. The prices seem to jump between tin and aluminum cans, with tin cans being more desirable due to age and lack of availability. However there is a market for all types of beer cans since there is all types of collectors. I started collecting when I was 9 years old and now I'm 43. I currently don't have a collection but I am always on the lookout for rare and unusual cans. I guess once you get started it never leaves.The final point , you really need to do your research on the cans you are thinking about getting. There are collectors guides available at book stores to help you along. Maybe if some more people were aware of this type of collecting, a few beer cans could stay out of the dump. Just imagine the really old cans that are already gone!!
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