BAG A NUT Harvesting Machine for Pecans & Nuts

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BAG A NUT Harvesting Machine for Pecans & Nuts
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 Ever have a ton of pecans, acorns, or any type of nut laying under your tree?  Wondering how to get them all up without picking them up by hand?  Bag-A-Nut harvesting machine is a wonderful help in harvesting all types of nuts, even shotgun shells, and golf balls!  The Bag-A-Nut is designed to last a VERY long time.  All the parts on the Bag-A-Nut are molded with high grade plastic, and is powered by you walking behind it!  This means there is NO ENGINE to brake, and NO PARTS TO RUST.  Anybody who has ever harvested nuts know that the fruit only falls once a year, so a sturdy machine is necessary to hold up for years to come.  Bag-A-Nut machines are TOP OF THE LINE in nut harvesters. 

There are two types of Bag-A-Nut's available, the Push Harvester and the Tag Along.  The tag along is designed to attach to your riding lawn mower, 4 wheeler, or small tractor.

Bag-A-Nut Machines are WELL WORTH the investment.  With a design to pick them up without killing your back, and to save you hours of work, the Bag-A-Nut will PAY YOU BACK. 

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