Avoiding Fraudulent Ebay Auctions

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Avoiding Fraudulent Ebay Auctions
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Everyday on ebay there are fraudulent auctions these accounts either have been hacked or created the same day in an effort to receive some quick cash I will provide some tips to help us ebayers avoid these auctions and throwing our money down the drain. If you are wary of a seller follow through these tips and a helpful quote "If it's too good to be true it probaly is"

Red Flags:  

(Note: just because an auction might have one or two of these red flags doesn't mean it's automatically fake but if they start adding up then proceed with caution but "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then its a duck")

-If he/she has feedback received from items that just ended a couple of days ago that should raise a red flag as it usually takes 2-3 days for normal mail.

-If the account was just created the same day as the auction has started

-If the sellers feedback usually consists of them selling books and baby supplies and all of a sudden they are selling 10 laptops, 5 Desktop Computers, 10 Pairs of JL Audio Subwoofers and other high priced things

-Email the seller and tell them that you live nearby and would like to pick it up if the seller says "no" with no explanation then away from this auction you should go

-If the seller asks for you to send cash or a money order to a P.O. Box, which are untraceable unless you have a warrant, or the Post Master helps you out somehow which I doubt he will do without the proper authorities or a warrant

-Western Union Money Grams are not a good idea and are prohibted by ebay

-Be wary of sellers outside the U.S. , I avoid them at all costs

-If the seller displays his/her email in the description and later  explains in the auction, "please dont message me using ebay im not on and I only check my email"  Ebay alerts you of a new message in your inbox anyways

-Sellers that say "please email me I have a buy it now of 500 USD!"

Helpful tips:

- Sellers than keep their bidders User ID's private because there are many people out there that help ebay and other ebayers that  have the ID Names along the lines of "scamdonotbid" or "donotbidfake"

- Use a credit card. Credit card payment protects the buyer because you can dispute the charges if the goods are misrepresented or never delivered. Cancel the card immediately if you suspect fraud.



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