Authentic Ugg Boots Are Made in China

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There have been a lot of speculations lately as to where genuine ugg boots are made. Below is  Deckers Corporation response pertaining to these speculations. This should help answer any questions relating to where real uggs are made:

"We have experienced tremendous growth in Ugg Australia footwear, especially in the Classic Collection.The demand has outnumbered the capabilities of both the New Zealand and Australian factories.

Product demand, business growth, and the consistency of manufacturing in Asia have all been determining factors as to why we have moved many of the collections' productions to China.

Though our boots have been manufactured in China for several years, they continue to be made of Authentic Grade A sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand. UGG Australia is part of a United States corporation, yet it was founded by an Australian surfer who brought Australian surfing boots to the United States.

The Ugg Australia name is a registered trademark and refer to the design origin, not the location of the company or manufacturer. It is also meant to distinguish Ugg Australia boots from generic and counterfeit brands."

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