Authentic Fendi is Available on Ebay - Guide II

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Authentic Fendi is Available on Ebay - Guide II
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Fendi Guide II of III ~ Additional Photos and Details of Authentic Fendi Spy Bags vs. Replica Spy Bags ~ Even more photos available on Guide I & III

Fendi items listed on the side of this guide are randomly selected by Ebay and not part of our Guide. 

Authentic Fendi Spy bag MADE IN ITALY - Clean Engraving Below


Two slot head screws on the side of an authentic Fendi Spy handle photo below. Original Fendi Spy bags had one screw which resulted in a lot of lost handles if the bags were dropped. Be sure to check and tighten screws frequently.


Authentic Fendi Hologram Spy Bag Tags Below 


Fake, Fake, Fake Tags on spy bags Below - cut open for photos, they were folded and sewn in the bag


Authentic Fendi Nappa Leather on a Fendi Spy Below. If you pull the leather away from the lining of a Fendi Nappa Spy bag, and rub it together, you will feel a fabric fused on the back.  Fendi fuses fabric to the reverse side of its leather. 

 Leather on a Fake leather spy bag below - Although the leather is real and it feels nice and soft to the touch, it is closely pebbled


Authentic Fendi Spy on Left, Fake Spy on Right - Although leather is nice on the fake spy, it is more pebbled than grained or bubbled


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