Authentic Custo Barcelona Clothing

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Authentic Custo Barcelona Clothing
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There are so many people here on ebay are selling fake custo barcelona clothes that ebay dosen't even know how to police them. I am hre to tell you the main piece of information you need to make sure your piece is AUTHENTIC. Every custo barcelona clothing has a descriptive model flalf video, lila tina, spin photo etc,. These are just some clothing names from the past that they have sold. And if you don't see a model # or the seller cannot supply you's fake! Or if they give you a name, look on other sites that sell custo legitimately for that particular model name...if it doesn't show, they made the name up. Always ask ?'s...a seller should be able to answer all these questions if you need to be a proactive buyer and don't feel embarassed by asking, it is your hard earned $ that you are spending. Custo has there own online retail shop too just google it an it comes up...there you will find all active clothings available and they have customer service #'s if you dont think your buying an authentic custo...cause trust me, the fakes will fade and rip and the workmanship is no where near the quality of a beautiful piece of wearable art like an auth CUSTO BARCELONA!! is a fake supplier. Notice how they write C U S T O the search engine picks it up, but vero never will. It's a flaw in ebay's search, and a way for fake supplirs to still get their merch sold.
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