Authentic Burberry Buying Guide: How to Spot a Fake

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Authentic Burberry Buying Guide: How to Spot a Fake
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Do you have a Burberry Fetish?  Are you dying for an authentic Burberry but know that your budget will not allow you to get one?  Have you considered buying one on ebay but are scared you will be ripped off?  Well worry no more.  In this guide I will show you how to authenticate Burberry just by looking at the pictures and telling you what questions to ask the seller.  Furthermore, I will be more than happy to help you authenticate any Burberry you have purchased or are considering purchasing from any source.  Please send me an email through my About Me page if you need help.

The Material

The most common patterns for Burberry are Nova Check and Classic Check.  The material used to make the bag is PVC, also known as Vinyl Coated Canvas.  The material is very sturdy, stain resistant and durable.  In many ways the material looks like leather but the texture is very different.

Nova Check                                                 Classic Check


Nova Check material has a cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal black and pink/red stripes.  Newer Nova Check bags are trimmed with smooth matte black leather, older bags may have a glossy black leather trim.  The newest styles in Nova Check feature diagonal stripes and are thicker but they would form perfect 90 degree angles where they meet.  Some newer styles also feature white leather trim.

Classic Check material has a cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal black and pink/red stripes and an Equestrian Knight symbol where the pink/red stripes intersect.  The trim is either matte brown leather or glossy black leather.

The Pattern

Another important aspect in authenticating a Burberry is the pattern.  The pattern should consist of perfectly horizontal and vertical stripes.  If the stripes are crooked, chances are it is not authentic.  Sometimes the curvature of the bag does not allow for this but it is fairly obvious when this is the case.  The stripes should be clean and crisp.  There should be no "bleeding" into the other colors.  The stripes should meet neatly but not always perfectly as this is just not possible.  The pattern should also be symmetrical/centered on the bag or accessory.

The Small Details

The difference between an authentic Burberry and a replica may not be apparent until the smallest details are examined. 

The Inside Tag & Zipper


 The color of the tag should match the color of the lining.  The stitching should be uniform and the print should be straight and centered.  The back of the tag will say MADE IN ITALY with a code underneath.

The zipper should say BURBERRY on both sides.

The Seams


The seams should be neat, uniform and perfectly straight.  The leather trim should be even with the edge of the bag.

The Tag


The tag shown is from a small coin purse purchased at an outlet store.  It is blue with silver/white lettering on the outside and white with Model Details written in black on the inside.  The string attaching it to the bag will be blue with a small round blue medallion attached with BURBERRY written on it.  Sorry, I do not have a picture with the string and medallion. 

The Dustbag

The dustbag shown is the newer style.  It is a tan, linen type cloth with black lettering and a black drawstring.  To my knowledge there is only 1 other possible dustbag.  It is dark blue with light blue lettering and a dark blue drawstring.

Spotting a Fake Burberry

Many times it is very difficult to spot a fake.  They can appear to be authentic at first but then fall apart in a month.  While you can never be 100% certain that a bag is authentic unless you actually purchase it from an actual store yourself, there are many things that you can do to protect yourself.  First, make sure the pictures you see are the actual bag you will get.  Even if the seller has provided numerous pictures, ask for one more.  If they cannot provide one, stay away.  The item is probobly not in their posession and therefore, the pictures shown are not of the actual item.  Another question to ask would be where the bag was purchased.  You cannot expect a seller to reveal their sources entirely but a common response from a replica seller is something like this, "While I cannot reveal my actual source, my supplier purchases overstocks/fringe shipments/ bulk lots from a reseller/authorized retailer."  This is usually a dead giveaway. 

Here are some pictures of a fake wallet I ran across at a flea market type store and purchased solely for the purpose of giving examples of what to look for and stay away from.


Note how the pattern is not symmetrical and the size of the stripes is way off.  The wallet is also very crooked, therefore throwing the pattern off at the fold.  The label on the front has a "frame" around it which no authentic bag will have.  The actual wallet has BURBERRY engraved on the silver plate yet the box, inside card, and embossing is labeled Burberrys.  The inside card is a particularly good example as the second 'b' is larger and higher than the other letters.  I am not completely familiar with Burberry Blue Label but it sold exclusively in Japan.  It is often referred to as Burberrys and the flea market dealer had this wallet marked as Blue Label.

The Bottom Line

Ask questions and do your research.  You are off to a great start by visiting my page but there are many other things you can do to protect yourself from getting ripped off.  Try searching the internet for "Fake Burberry", "Burberry Replica", "Burberry Knockoff" etc. for more examples of what might be out there passing as authentic.


The Legal Stuff

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Burberry nor do I claim to be endorsed by Burberry as an expert.  I am only trying to combat the selling of counterfeit items on ebay and also help buyers determine authenticity of their items.  All brand names used in this guide are copyright by the companies and their respective owners.

Content and Photographs copyright by DesignerLuxurys and may be used with written permission.

I would also like to note that counterfeit products are illegal to produce, sell, and mail.  Many counterfeit products are produced using child labor and support terrorism.  Even if a product appears to be authentic on the outside, it will not last as long as an authentic item due to the inferior materials and techniques used to produce it.  Stop the sales of counterfeit products by ensuring you are purchasing genuine, authentic items only.


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