Auction Checkout

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Auction Checkout is a shopping cart specifically designed for the auction environment and fully integrated with eBay.  They work with a credit card processing “merchant account” that you can either obtain through them or if you already have a merchant account, then you can just use their shopping cart.

Their service offers two account types, which they call Blue and Gold accounts.  The service is the same with each account type, but the Gold account comes with a merchant account and payment gateway, whereas the Blue account does not.  The Blue account is designed for customers that already have a merchant account and payment gateway and wish to use it on eBay.

From a buyer’s perspective, Auction Checkout is easy.  There is no buyer registration, so checking out for your eBay item is just like checking out on a retailer’s website.  They also use 256-bit encryption throughout there site, so you can feel assured that your sensitive data is protected.

If for some reason you run into an issue with a seller, Auction Checkout will investigate the seller to determine if any action needs to be taken against them.   You would simply notify them of the issue, and then contact your card issuing bank to file a dispute to get your money back.

From a seller’s perspective, Auction Checkout is a great alternative to accepting credit card payments for your auctions.  Listing the Checkout Button in your auctions is easy with their Instant Update feature, and the user interface is very user-friendly.  Whenever a payment is received, you will receive an email notification with the buyers shipping information so you have everything you need to ship the item, and the transactions are all logged in your account.  Plus, payments are automatically deposited in your bank account.
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