Appealing Your Denied Paypal Claim

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Appealing Your Denied Paypal Claim
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Have you ever been denied on a claim through Paypal? Did you know you could appeal that denial? You can!

My mother recently purchased an item which was grossly misrepresented. The seller used linear measurements but failed to mention she had done so in the auction. So the item arrived significantly smaller than stated in the auction. The seller insisted she was ok because it was linear, but admitted she should have noted that in the auction.

So my mother went to Paypal to file a claim since the seller refused a refund. My mother did everything Paypal said. She shipped the item back the next day, tracking number and delivery confirmation all in hand. She entered the tracking number as Paypal requested and figured soon she'd have her money back and that would be that.

Not so. Thirteen days later she received an email from Paypal that there was no evidence of the item being returned so her claim was denied. No way, right? Has this happened to you?

My mother immediately checked her tracking numbers and noticed at it stated her item had been received at the local post office-the day she shipped it. Why was it not showing up that it had arrived at it's destination? Something was fishy! So my mother called down to Texas and got ahold of the post office the item was supposed to be shipped to. Sure enough, it was there, they just hadn't scanned it when it came in on the 7th! Apparently the seller had said she'd be back with a larger truck but still hadn't picked up her box on the 13th. Five minutes later my mother had the postal worker scan the package. Later that evening was showing the item had arrived at it's destination, and as luck would have it, the seller picked up her package after the phone call. Was this a scam? Could have been, small town, small post office....

Anyhow, the appeal process. My mother called Paypal the next day to let them know the package HAD arrived and WAS picked up, but now what should she do since the Paypal claim was closed? "Appeal it", said the Paypal worker.

You can send an email to and also So in her email my mother explained what was going on, let Paypal know the item was infact delivered and now the seller had both the item and her money. Paypal is now reviewing the tracking number that is now showing on as "item delivered".

So don't give up if you're not in the wrong and Paypal has denied your claim. You must call them, and if the person on the phone doesn't help or doesn't understand your situation, ask for a supervisor. They WILL help if you make them!
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