Antlers- Elk Deer Moose Sheds

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Antlers- Elk Deer Moose Sheds
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 I have alway had an attraction to to antlers. My life, and even the life of my family obviously  revolves around antlers in one way or another. What was once just a fun hobby of gathering and collecting has become a pursuit of total passion, I just love antlers!

It is an amazing fact that antlers are the fastest growing tissue in nature. I think someday with research and understanding of how antlers can gow inches per day, it will be possible for a broken bone to heal much faster. Once the secret is understood an Athlete might be back in the game in days or weeks not months or years, we just need to know more about these marvelous natural sculptures of bone.

I feel that Naturally Shed Antlers make excellent Decor and Accent peices for any home when you are trying for a Rustic, Western or even Southwest feel. A naturally shed antler is a renewable resource, therefore there is no reason to be offended by shed antlers, as the animal is still alive and was not harmed to aquire his headgear.

I do my best to offer on ebay from time to time the best antlers anywhere! I would suggest you do your homework on sellers before bidding. Pay attention to shipping fees, antler quality and just how much actual information about the available items are being disclosed freely in the description, beware of those sellers who are vague in these areas.

Search YellowstoneAntlers to view my Antler current listings, Thanks!


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