Ancient Mew Trading Cards - Version Differences

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Ancient Mew Trading Cards - Version Differences
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Ancient Mew Trading Cards

Version Differences: How to Recognize & Distinguish Them


Welcome! This guide is to enlighten collectors and sellers alike on how to distinguish the differences between the Ancient Mews from the Pokémon Trading Card Game in both Japanese and English. This not only helps the buyers who wish to purchase the version they desire, yet it also helps the seller promote the proper version in which they can list the card at the appropriate price. I hope this guide proves to be informative and enjoyable!

Japanese Versions


Left Image: Revelation Lugia Promo Booklet. Right Image: A Japanese Ancient Mew card inserted in a plastic sleeve on the second page.


This promotional pamphlet was exclusively released in Japan to commemorate the theatrical run of Revelation Lugia (known in North America as Pokemon: The Movie 2000) on July 16th 1999. A very special trading card was inserted inside, to promote the movie (the card was – ironically, mentioned and shown in the film). Only the Japanese versions of Ancient Mew came with the booklet.

It's a Little Known Fact...

It is a common misconception that there are only two versions of this card in Japanese, yet in fact there are THREE (3) Japanese Ancient Mews:

1. Japanese Ancient Mew I (Error)
2. Japanese
Ancient Mew I (Corrected); and
3. Japanese Ancient Mew II.

Ancient Mew I (Error)


Left Image: Ancient Mew I (Error). Right Image: The copyrights have been re-sized to better show the “Nintedo” misspelling. Examples of the Ancient Mew I (Error) card.

Copyright Information:

© 1995, 1996, 1998 Nintedo/Creatures inc./GAMEFREAK inc.

This is an easily distinguishable card – not only was it the first in production, it is the only one in the series with a printing error. The holofoil design in this card was strikingly unique compared to the standard holofoil. The entire card possessed a speckled, fresco shimmer. When scanned or photographed, this design is very visible and has very little or no gloss.

What was originally supposed to be “Nintendo” was mistakenly printed without the “n”, causing it to read “Nintedo”. The manufacturers caught the printing error a little late in production, re-releasing the promotional pamphlet with a correct version.

Price Range:

The 'Ancient Mew I (Error)' is considered to be the most valuable of the Japanese versions, its price expected to be between US $50 - $140 (depending on its condition, whether the pamphlet is included etc). PSA 9 and 10 Ancient Mew Errors can be between US $150 – $600, though I have seen a very lucky buyer get a PSA 10 for US $60. Though this card is undeniably popular and rare, 'Ancient Mew I (Corrected)' is just as challenging to find.

Ancient Mew I (Corrected)

Examples of the Ancient Mew, Version 1 (Corrected) card.

Copyright Information:

© 1995, 1996, 1998, Nintendo/Creatures inc./GAMEFREAK inc.

Déjà vu! The only difference between this version and the error version is the correction to the spelling of Nintendo in the copyrights. The holofoil design is IDENTICAL to the error version; it is the exact same speckled, fresco shimmer holofoil.

Price Range:

This is unquestionably the rarest version. This edition is incredibly difficult to find as the print production for Ancient Mew I (Corrected) was very limited. It is not surprising to find this version priced higher than the error sometimes, though it is up to the seller to make that decision. I have seen a very wide price range between US $60 - US $180, with PSA 9 and 10 of this card nearly nonexistent.

Ancient Mew II


Left Image: Ancient Mew II. Right Image: Ancient Mew II in its original sleeve of the booklet. Examples of the Ancient Mew II card.

Copyright Information:

© 1995, 1996, 1998, Nintendo/Creatures inc./GAMEFREAK inc.

This card features a shinier, dazzling holographic which is much different than the other two, which had a speckled, more fresco look. This card is frequently confused with 'Ancient Mew I (Corrected)'. This version is NOT considered to be the actual "corrected version". Keep in mind, Ancient Mew II was produced AFTER they had already corrected the card (see Ancient Mew I (Corrected) above). The name "Ancient Mew II" is misleading, which might be why people consider it to be the immediate successor of the error card, when it isn't.

The easiest way to tell the two apart is the holofoil design. 'Ancient Mew I, Corrected' looks exactly like the Error Card (except the copyrights). Ancient Mew II looks closer to the English version, with very bright circles of colour on a slightly darker surface.

Price Range:

This edition of the Ancient Mew is considered to be the least valuable of the Japanese versions. The price can range anywhere between US $20 - $40. PSA 10 Ancient Mew II ranges between US $40 - $70.

English Version

Ancient Mew (North American and International Release)


Left Image (From left to right): The back of the Ancient Mew card, which was identical between all Japanese versions and the US version. The teaser card, which was inserted with the Ancient Mew to hide the card's identity until it was taken out of its cellophane packaging. Other countries printed their own teaser card in their native language. Right Image: The US Version of Ancient Mew. Examples of the Ancient Mew (US version) card. You can see how many there are, many of them being sold in bulk.

Copyright Information:

© 1995, 96, 98, 99 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK. © 1999-2000 Wizards.


Pokemon: The Movie 2000 (a.k.a. “The Power of One”) was released in North American theaters on July 21st, 2000. It was the translated version of Revelation Lugia.

North American audiences never received an equivalent to the promotional pamphlet. Instead, the card was inserted in a cellophane packet with a teaser card (teaser cards are cards intended to cover the fronts of trading cards to shield their identity until the cellophane package was opened). Other countries had similar promotions in their country, the packet containing an Ancient Mew with their own teaser card printed in the native language (e.g. Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, French, etc). The English version and the International version have the same Ancient Mew, and are considered to have the same price value.

The Difference...

This Ancient Mew looks similar to the Japanese Ancient Mew II, though there are subtle differences. The border is slightly wider than the Japanese version. The copyrights are printed with abbreviated years, commas instead of slashes, and the font is a different style and smaller. The additional text reads © 1999-2000 Wizards indicating the previous manufacturer of US Pokémon card releases (until their rights to the franchise expired in July 2003, and was taken over by Pokémon USA Inc./Nintendo). Without a doubt, the ©1999-2000 Wizards is the easiest way to identify it as the English/North American version.

An Important Fact to Remember...

If an eBay listing of Ancient Mew says "Sealed" or "Unopened", and displays a picture of an Ancient Mew card inside a plastic packet, it is the English version. A definite way to confirm this is if there is a picture of the teaser card.

Price Range:

This version was highly mass-produced, and can easily be obtained for under US $10.00 (sometimes free, if a seller is kind enough to give bonus cards with a purchase!)

PSA Labels

An Important Fact to Remember...

PSA Ancient Mew I (Error) cards have the "NINTEDO" typed below its description on its PSA label. If it does not say "NINTEDO" anywhere on the PSA label, it is the 'Ancient Mew I (Corrected)' version. The basic PSA label formats for each of the Ancient Mew cards are described below:

Ancient Mew I (Error):

ANCIENT MEW I                          [GRADE] [#]
[Barcode]                                     [Certification #]

Ancient Mew I (Corrected):

ANCIENT MEW I                          [GRADE] [#]

[Barcode]                                     [Certification #]

Ancient Mew II:

ANCIENT MEW II                          [GRADE] [#]

[Barcode]                                     [Certification #]

Ancient Mew (North American/U.S. Release):

ANCIENT MEW                                [GRADE] [#]
[Barcode]                                        [Certification #]

Watch Out! PSA Ancient Mews can be graded incorrectly - sometimes, they are accidentally labelled with the wrong description that belongs to a different version. If you are unsure about which version you are looking at, inspect two details; the holofoil design and the copyrights. Together, these can be your greatest tools in properly identifying a version in this perplexing family of cards.

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Thank you for reading! :)

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