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An MS Excel Formula Structure to Calculate Profit/Loss

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Dear eBay Sellers,

If you have some experience using Microsoft Excel, I would like to share a simple outline and formula structure so that you can create an Excel file to calculate your profits/loss from a sale.

All you have to do is to create a new MS Excel file with the following formula structure.  Please feel free to personalize the cells or the formulas to suit your individual needs.

This MS Excel file is not intended to replace eBay Sales Reports but to supplement them by an interactive sales tool.  I hope you find it helpful for pricing your eBay items.

Al Kayhan (akayhan)

2                B                           C
3    Starting bid                      0.99
4    Successful listings %        0.20
5    Closing price                    0.99
6    Shipping & handling fee    2.50
8    Total price                       =SUM(C5:C6)
9    Insertion fee                     =IF(C3<=0.99, 0.2, IF(C3<=9.99, 0.4, IF(C3<=24.99, 0.6, IF(C3<=49.99, 1.2, IF(C3<=199.99, 2.4, IF(C3<=499.99, 3.6, 4.8))))))
10  Final value fee                   =C5*0.0525
11  eBay fees                          =C9/C4+C10
12  PayPal fees                        =0.3+C8*0.03
14   Total eBay & PayPal fees    =SUM(C11:C12)
15   USPS postage                    1.75
16   Envelope, etc.                    0.19
18   Net profit from sale            =SUM(C5:C6)-C14-C15-C16

Total fees = Insertion fee / (Successful listings %) + Closing price x (5.25 %) + 0.30 + Total price x (2.9 %)

Net profit from sale = Total price - Total fees - Postage

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