An Illustrated Guide to Lingerie Manufacturers RN Numbers

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RN stands for Registered Number: registered, as a clothing manufacturer, with the United States' Federal Trade Commission, whose requirement is for all garments to bear either the manufacturer's brand name or an RN on the care instructions label.
    Many well-known manufacturers stitched more than one label into their garments, allowing their provenance to be traced by means of the RN alone. In The Dream Merchants' (limited) experience, no Shadowline creation has been found with an RN, and searches for the tie-up have proved fruitless. Chain store brands (such as Sears' Cachet, for example) are manufactured for a limited time after which the contract can be placed elsewhere. Thus the RN on the label would change accordingly . . . more than once.
    The Dream Merchants have occasionally only been able to list the name of a lingerie manufacturer by reference to its intact RN. The Dream Merchants specialise in nightwear, although other lingerie is also sold. The Registered Numbers that have passed through the listings process include those shown below. This much-revised list, still incomplete, excludes manufacturers of other clothing . . . and any company numbered above 99,999.
    Simple rule: the lower the number, the earlier that manufacturer was registered (but not necessarily the older the garment). Some companies ceased trading many years ago, whilst others continue to this day.
Footnote: our thanks to any readers/users who offer additional information. We are unable to respond individually through social websites (such as facebook, twitter etc) but you DO have our thanks.
"RN 10960"        believed to be Joe Fox (shown as RN but maybe a WPL number?)
"RN 11933"     photographed on Beth Michaels item
RN 12942        Kay Togs (also 12944 and 12946)
RN 12962        Lisette
RN 13680        Cannon Hosiery by Wisscassett Mills Co
RN 13711        Lord & Taylor (including Morgan Taylor Intimates,
                        Erika Taylor, Valerie Stevens and Rachel Stevens)
RN 13731        Campbell & Helmich (as Mistee and Emily Dare)
RN 13765        Fruit of the Loom
RN 13831        unknown stocking manufacturer for Beau Claire, Carol Brent, Corbett's
RN 13855        Surety (claimed to be Boggs & Buhl's own make)
RN 13874        Jaunty Belle
RN 13937        Nylcrest by S S Kresge Company (Kmart)
RN 13966        Katz
RN 13973        found on “Sparkle” stockings
RN 13996        Sliperfection (includes Body Chic, Whispers and Avon Style)
RN 14008        Perfectform (see also 105131) and Escapades
RN 14026        Exquisite Hosiery, Roaman's, BBW, Mary Lynne and Alba by Corbett's Hosiery
RN 14040        Gabrielle (stockings) by Burlington Industries
RN 14054        (no data) found on a pair of stockings
RN 14056        Mellowmood (stockings) by . . . ?
RN 14113        Poirette
RN 14242        found on Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta and some Sara Beth
RN 14284        Guy Laroche, Lady Lynne and Back Magic
RN 14295        Belfry (nylon stockings)
RN 14298        Georgette Trabolsi by/and Velma Lingerie
RN 14328        Godfried
RN 14303        Lady Camille
RN 14336        Danskin (includes Lady Vanderbilt, Circle III and Shannon Lee of New York)
RN 14345        Dorothy Uniform Co (includes "Little Alice")
RN 14350        Lady Romance
RN 14360        Keyloun Garment Co
RN 14364        Nanette Undies Co, Inc
RN 14417        Melodee Lane Lingerie
RN 14419        Slenderstyle/ME by Middendorf Bros
RN 14422        Ruth Barry Fashions by Mygail Manufacturing
RN 14447        Gotham Gold Stripe (see also 37177)
RN 14448        National's by National Wholesale Co
RN 14469        Mysterie, Prangebilt and Vardon (nylon stockings)
RN 14522        Eye-ful Lingerie (Chevette)
RN 14523        Gracette
RN 14524        Empire Bloomer Company
RN 14528        Sans Souci
RN 14533        Michelene
RN 14536        Evelyn Pearson Inc
RN 14556        Slumbertogs Inc
                        (including Intime without the acute accent, Juli and Miss Dior)
RN 14562        Eastern Isles by Ft Payne Dekalb Mills
RN 14596        Kayser Roth (including Dorella, Strutwear and Mr John)
RN 14604        Kayser Roth
RN 14605        McKay Products (Blue Swan)
RN 14611        Bestform Foundations
                        (also 14613/5/9, 22154 etc, 42450 & 42834-42856)
RN 14622        Underscore
RN 14627        Stone Mfg Co (Stones Wear)
RN 14631        Stone Mfg Co (Stones Wear)
RN 14649        A J Schneierson & Son, Inc
RN 14660        Shirey
RN 14676        A J Schneierson & Son, Inc (incl Perma-Prest and some Heiress)
RN 14686        ísis (stockings) by Rosedale Knitting
RN 14692        Bear Brand Hosiery
RN 14474        Simley by Lynch Hosiery Mills
RN 14780        Naomi Undergarment Co
RN 14782        Lady Ellen Lingerie
RN 14852        Smart Time by Gaslight Fashions
RN 14857        Koro
RN 14872        Plymouth Undergarment Co (Plymouth Undies)
RN 15015        Siren Silk Undergarment Co
RN 15017        Stern-Maid, Suzy Star and Limtite by S Stern & Co
RN 15039        Carlton Lingerie
RN 15050        Sylray Underwear Co
RN 15058        M E Undergarment Co
RN 15084        Lindsey Blake and some Adonna (Pembrooke Lingerie Co)
RN 15092        Cloud Walker (stockings) by Glen Raven Knitting Mills
RN 15099        Sears Roebuck (including Apostrophe, Venchelle, Inner Most, Daye Rose,
                        Fundamentals, Classic Elements and Enchanting)
RN 15168        Charmode for Sears Roebuck by "U Wanna Wash Frocks Incco Inc"
RN 15198        Montrico by Monterey Undergarments
RN 15234        KustomFit and Loomcraft by Schneierson Mfg
RN 15261        Val-Tric by Mark Knitting Mills
RN 15325        Berkliff (also 15342 to 15350)
RN 15378        Agilon and Pink Mink by Ridgeview Hosiery Mill Co
RN 15400        Lollipop by Modern Globe
RN 15411        Movie Star (including CineStar, some Beeline Fashions, Intimo Amore,
                        Cachet, Dutchess, Heiress, Cliché and Body Lites)
RN 15420        Powers Model by Stanly Knitting Mills
RN 15425        Strainless Slip Corp
RN 15435        McGregor Corp (Gilead)
RN 15451        Patricia by Bossong Hosiery Mills
RN 15455        Merrie Maid by Bossong Hosiery Mills
RN 15459        Town and Country by Bossong Hosiery Mills
RN 15477        Commonwealth Hosiery Mills
RN 15482        Dutchess Underwear (incl ‘René’)
RN 15490        Suzy Perette by Craftsmen Finishers
RN 15492        Crown Tex Corp (as Private Moments)
RN 15525        Carolina Underwear (Carole and Heiress) and for National
RN 15533        Carol Anne (of Puerto Rico, USA)
RN 15564        Glamorise (and Glamor-Trol)
RN 15577        Gelmart Industries
                        (for WalMart, Playtex, Maidenform, Sears, Lane Bryant etc)
RN 15583        Ithaca Textiles, Inc (includes Underscore for JC Penney)
RN 15600        Biflex by Kellwood
RN 15632        Lady Wallace by Knit Products
RN 15645        Lily of France (to 1998, then VF)
RN 15647        Bonjour and Trendsetters by The Lovable Co
                        (with OUT an E in the middle - the FTC database is wrong)
RN 15649        Madison Lingerie Co Inc (for Montgomery Ward) as Carol Brent Lingerie
RN 15663        Society Lingerie
RN 15664        Veitel Hosiery Co
RN 15741        Nicole Miller (by Wundies)
RN 15746        New York Brassiere Co Inc (for Montgomery Ward)
RN 15763        Hanes (includes Bali, Barely There and Playtex)
RN 15783        Carolina Belle by Robinson Manufacturing Co
RN 15800        Lisa by Roane Hosiery
RN 15815        Moonglow by Brackney Hosiery/ Nebel Knitting Company
RN 15816        Mary Lynne by Roane Hosiery Inc
RN 15827        The HWGossard Co (Artemis, Gossard Artemis and g's)
RN 15843        Milco
                        (includes Adonna, Delicates, Soft Moments, Secret Accents, Carriage Court,
                        Capistrano, Cachet, Grand Designs, Rebecca Malone and Intimate Options)
RN 15879        Caresse Lingerie, Inc
RN 15911        Lady Love by Martha Maid
RN 15916        Prom'n Nod by Puritan Mills, Inc
RN 15962        Snowdon, Inc
RN 15974        Alana Gale by Gold Seal Garter Co
RN 16002        Kellwood Company
RN 16005        finesse and Famous Bodies by Sears, Roebuck & Co
RN 16011        Messing & Berenstein for Grayson-Robinson
RN 16043        Charmode by John Rems
RN 16060        TopForm – Yolande (includes Diane Von Furstenberg
                        and some Primstyle)
RN 16073        Russell Newman (including Gaymode, Adonna and Carol Evans for Penney's,
                        Pinx, st eve by Steve Madden, Tessie and Texsheen)
RN 16087        Lily Pink by Winlar
RN 16089        Auburn Hosiery Mills
RN 16091        Bael Lingerie as Primstyle (for Woolworths)
RN 16131        Danville Manufacturing for ísis (W T Grant Co)
RN 16201        Laughlin FF Hosiery Mills
RN 16216        Sherman Underwear Mills, Inc
RN 16225        National Corset Supp Hose (includes Arthur David, Shirley of Hollywood,
                        Intimate Attitudes, Lovers Lane, Mara Intimates and Sabrina for Mervyns)
RN 16250        Iris (subsequently Saramae Lingerie)
RN 16261        Nancy Ganz by Spirite
RN 16263        Ann Robin by Splendor Form Brassiere Co Inc
RN 16291        Kel Ray (Knitting Mills)
RN 16303        Indera Mills (Camelot, Figurfit and others)
RN 16310        Diana Waist Co (Windy Rose)
RN 16334        Lontex by Hit Parade Swim Suits
RN 16335        Pinehurst Textiles, Inc = Pinehurst Lingerie
RN 16339        E Greenwald (Greencraft and Greenco Maid)
RN 16345        Vanity Fair Brands (including Applause, Becky Sharpe,
                        Berkshire, Cabernet, Cotillion, Epitome, Heiress and Bestform)
RN 16457        Gem Lingerie
RN 16396        Warner's
RN 16427        Glori Form by Boston Royal Petticoat Co
RN 16438        Debutante Lingerie (as Fashioned by Belinda)
RN 16469        Ellisville Hosiery Mills
RN 16494        Givenchy Intimité and Myra Joy by Atlanta Lingerie Inc
RN 16522        Lovelight by L & W Brassiere Co
RN 16526        Simone by Leading Lady Foundations
RN 16528        Lowell Lingerie (Lorelei and some Beth Michaels)
RN 16581        Mitchell Bros (Nymphorm and Beeline)
RN 16583        Trillium - Fantasy
RN 16595        Flair Lingerie
RN 16596        Florell Underwear Co
RN 16605        Le Parc by Hellam Hosiery Co
RN 16700        Barad Lingerie Co
RN 16711        Chic Lingerie (later Frederick's of Hollywood)
                        (includes TR Too, Merlita and Pandora)
RN 16840        Ronda-Wear (including Coy)
RN 16908        Petite Belle (by . . . ?)
RN 16932        Skylon Corp (previously Nu-Fashion Undergarments/Underwear)
RN 16933        Beauti-Knit by Sorenco
RN 16960        Mistra by A H Schreiber
RN 16985        Val Mode Lingerie (incl Delicates, Jessica Lynn, TJW and Clifford & Wills)
RN 16997        WonderMaid Inc includes Adoria
RN 17048        Skintees by Schreiber
RN 17061        Barbizon
RN 17079        W T Grant Co
RN 17129        Lane Bryant
RN 17144        Fit Rite Lingerie
RN 17172        Joan Starr (by Sid Greenberg)
RN 17177        Ginsburg Mfg Co (GMc)
RN 17196        Helen of Troy Inc
RN 17199        Movie Star / Stardust (including some Primstyle)
RN 17265        Lady Bradford
RN 17266        Luxerdame Co (dba Dame and Luxer Dame)
RN 17269        Exquisite Form (plus 17424, 17658 etc)
RN 17289        Merville by Alpha Mills
RN 17313        Marstan (Hosiery) Mills
RN 17322        Merville (and Lady Merville) for Mercantile Stores
RN 17335        Palmetto Garment Co, Inc (T-K-S Basics)
RN 17353        Figure Flattery (incl Cindy Kay), some Beth Michaels and Aria by Komar
RN 17354        Florelee Undergarment Co
RN 17363        Charles Komar (includes Aria, Earth Angels, Je t'Adore, Vera Wang,
                        Lanz of Salzburg, st eve by Steve Madden, Sabrina by Mervyn’s and some Lucie Ann)
RN 17400        Merville and Jezebel Renee of Hollywood by SDS Inc
RN 17414        Miss Elaine (includes Enchantmates)
RN 17431        Sonjay Mills (Pink Lady)
RN 17444        Sunrise Rayon Undergarment Co
RN 17460        SLC Fashions as Aristocraft by Superior
                        (includes Superfit, Su-Lette, Vardon and some Merville)
RN 17551        Bregstein Undergarment Co (Opalaire, WonderVAL and Snip-It)
RN 17558        California Lingerie, Inc
RN 17571        Character
RN 17573        Charm Maid by Charm Undergarment Corp
RN 17611        Sanmark-Stardust Inc (incl Anne Leslie and Private Treasures)
RN 17617        Crown Foundations
RN 17632        Fruit of the Loom by Joseph Bancroft & Sons
RN 17642        Dubonay Undergarment Co
RN 17645        Dunley Lingerie
RN 17649        N Edelson Sons
RN 17679        Fischer & Co
RN 17696        Guild Lingerie of California
RN 17700        States Nitewear for some Reigning Beauty
RN 17730        Dayton-Hudson . . . became Target Corpn
                        (as Amelia's, Gilligan & O'Malley, Cinema Étoile and xhileration intimates)
RN 17819        Kingly Manfacturing Corp
RN 17915        Rue de la Paix by Marmode Hosiery Mill
RN 17942        Mojud
RN 17976        Schnur & Cohan (Ashley Taylor, Richform and Tendresse)
RN 18035        Femode Foundations (for Lerner Shops)
RN 18054        Roos Atkins (by Reamstown Hosiery Mills)
RN 18131        Nite-Flower by Swissknit Manufacturing
RN 18171        Nu-Maid Nylons and Emro Hosiery by Wisteria Hosiery Mills
RN 18208        Lucie Ann
RN 18258        Priscilla of Boston (also found on Saramae)
RN 18262        Beverly Vogue Co (SkirtSaver)
RN 18288        Carmen Foundations, Inc
RN 18302        Chelsea Lingerie Inc (et seq to 18310)
RN 18311        Reigning Beauty and Heiress (by Circle Manufacturing)
RN 18369        AJ Schneierson & Son for JC Penney
RN 18371        Dreamaway and Romantic Moods by AJ Schneierson & Son
RN 18415        Mary Grey Hosiery Mills Inc
RN 18443        ICM, as IC Collections, Laura Dare and Copper Key
RN 18545        NanFlower
RN 18562        Phil-Maid (includes Polly Pepper)
RN 18610        Cattani of California (includes Rosalind Maternity)
RN 18671        (Wearpruf by) Blou-Slip Co Inc of San Francisco
RN 18702        Durelle Lingerie (incl Elissia, Suzanne Beth, Dara-Jane and Erica Loren NY)
RN 18799        Sidney Bernstein & Son (Bernette, Danni New York, Rikki New York
                        and Stroke of Midnight)
RN 18893        Rohr Lingerie of Pennsylvania
RN 18901        Primrose by Stephanie
RN 18915        East Tenn(essee) Undergarment Co
RN 19001        Spotlight Co (incl After Eight)
RN 19051        Paramount New York
RN 19090        Olga, incl Vandemere, became part of Warnaco in 1984
RN 19097        George Hatab Lingerie
RN 19170        Assures by Sharnay Hosiery Mills
RN 19174        The I Milgrim Co
RN 19188        Epitome (with an acute accent) by Archdale Manufacturing
RN 19219        Sears, Roebuck & Co
RN 19290        Dixie Belle Textiles (incl Sarah Smith)
RN 19499        Virginia Wallace
RN 19577        Cotillion (also found on Merville stockings) by Mercantile
RN 19681        Cupid Foundations (includes Lady Manhattan and Naomi & Nicole)
RN 19686        Blanche Lingerie, Inc
RN 19800        Radcliffe Lingerie
RN 19833        Nancy King
RN 19871        Terby Tuck inc
RN 19992        Ballet Lingerie
RN 20042        Julius Corn includes Stroke of Midnight
RN 20167        Munsingwear
RN 20169        Hollywood Vassarette by Munsingwear
RN 20278        Rocky Mount
RN 20223        Kingsboro Mill (Charmode and Formfit Rogers)
RN 20367        Dainty Dot Hosiery
RN 20421        Teenform Foundations, Inc (Wacoal)
RN 20436        Carnival by National
RN 20463        Lady Marlene (also on some Adonna)
RN 20529        Morwil Lingerie as Beaux-Trix
RN 20616        H E T H Knitting Co
RN 20628        La Valle & Mills Underwear Co
RN 20774        Miss Youthform Creations
RN 20811        Fortune Lingerie (Ashley Taylor and Impulse)
RN 20823        Faris Bros (including Perri-Ann and Treasures from California) 
                        (later Frederick's of Hollywood)
RN 20931        Regal Form Girdle Co (incl Lane Bryant)
RN 20960        Miss Dira New York
RN 21065        Evette by Southern Silk Mills
RN 21150        Sheertex by Joseph Bancroft & Sons
RN 21152        Kay King by Joseph Bancroft & Sons
RN 21301        bi-flex and Beau Sure by Paulane Lingerie Co
RN 21549        Leonora Inc
RN 21673        Mode o' Day (acquired by Gamble-Skogmo Inc 1961)
RN 21761        Renette Foundations
RN 22128        Florence (stockings) by Domino Hosiery
RN 22253        Elegante Foundations
RN 22507        Jean Nicole for Miller-Wohl Co
RN 22520        Hanesbrands (found on a Henson Kickernick)
RN 22524        Maggie McQuade, Katie O’Brian and Mini Look by Craftex Creations
RN 22557        Jill Andrea Inc
RN 22603        Hedi Manufacturing
RN 22896        Mary Barron Lingerie Corporation (includes some Lane Bryant)
RN 22897        Poole's (stockings) by Garland Bennett
RN 22926        Gloria Lingerie Company
RN 23043        Gilbreath Manufacturing, Inc
RN 23147        White Swan by A to Z Hosiery
RN 23157        Belle Smith Creations
RN 23165        Chic Parisienne (Tosca Lingerie)
RN 23429        Forever Beautiful by Wolfmark
RN 23527        Bel canto by ValMode
RN 23534        Beausong by Sklaroff Bros
RN 23583        GC Lingerie
RN 23776        Perry Lingerie
RN 24053        Silver Belle (Goddess)
RN 24276        B & S Trading (seamless stockings)
RN 24771        Wm Bagry Hosiery (Dress Sheers)
RN 25256        Hollywood Lingerie (of New York City :o)
RN 25407        Avian
RN 25553        Peep Studio by Paramont (sic) Knitwear
RN 25804        Bel-Aire Lingerie
RN 26985        Shelby Seamless Hosiery Mills (and 26987/85)
RN 27000        White Stag
RN 27190        S B Undergarments Co
RN 27558        Splendorwear by H Mantell
RN 27701        Maidenform (incl Flexees, Dreamwear, Sweet Nothings and Lilyette)
RN 27862        Heiress (by ADG = Lord & Taylor)
RN 28085        Palby Lingerie, Inc
RN 28269        Carolina Sleepwear
RN 28274        Granada (includes George, CW Classics, Anthony Richards,
                         Dreamy Nights by Avon, White Stag etc)
RN 28421        Le Voy's by Kelly's, Inc
RN 28726        Venus Lingerie Company, Inc
RN 28927        Beau Monde by Ruth Schwartz
RN 29233        Vicki Company of Chicago
RN 29239        American Maid
RN 29354        Glencraft Lingerie (includes Mirabelle, Cadol and some Cachet)
RN 29533        Isabella and Nicole
RN 29653        Fruit of the Loom
RN 29676        Pawnee by Admiration Hosiery Mills
RN 29835        Elsie of Miami includes Sensational Silhouettes
RN 29984        E Greenwald (Mardor and Esteem)
RN 30175        Happy Time Mfg (Jill Andrea)
RN 30451        Wyatt Knitting Co
RN 30617        Orbit Lingerie Co
RN 30715        Lanique
RN 30896        Lady Royale by Lady Lovely Apparel
RN 30913        Maidenform for JC Penney
RN 31104        Madison Intimates and Kim Rogers (Belk Stores)
RN 31289        Astor One and Belle Fleur by Frederick Atkins, Inc
RN 31509        Mademoiselle Lingerie Inc
RN 31951        Young Miss Morton
RN 32026        Schneierson Mfg (Slumbacraft)
RN 32075        Evette Lingerie Co
RN 32438        Splentex by Splendor Form Brassiere Co
RN 32544        Genesco (JCPenney = Jolie Two, Rutledge and Formfit)
RN 33042        Boronet Lingerie ( not Baronet)
RN 33292        Albert's Hosiery
RN 33420        Corhan Noumair
RN 33836        Intimate Fashions
RN 34085        My Fair Lady by Capitol Hosiery Mills
RN 34452        Obbi / O'Bryan Bros (Lorraine, Merville, Faye and Cuddl Duds)
RN 34486        Ladybird Lingerie (and later Orbit-Ladybird)
RN 35052        Worth Sleepwear (includes some Heiress)
RN 35324        Anne Stuart by Berkliff
RN 35546        Honors Intimates
RN 36467        K Mart Apparel
RN 36469        K Mart Apparel (Eyefuls)
RN 36596        Eve Stillman
RN 36715        Stellar Foundations
RN 36834        Beeline Fashions (by Leisure-Lovers)
RN 37080        Cato
RN 37177        Gotham Lingerie by LVM Industries (see also 14447)
RN 37546        Exquisite Hosiery by Royal Industries (also 37550)
RN 37844        Briarcliff Mills (Playgirl)
RN 37971        Puritan
RN 38142        Miss Swank (plus La Fleur, Jodie Arden and Dreamaway)
RN 38859        Baronet Lingerie
RN 38910        Teenie Weenie
RN 38922        Buckeye Industries (Deena)
RN 38951        L M Knitwear (incl Jenelle California)
RN 39310        Lady Cameo Dallas (plus Smart-Fit and Colesce Collection)
RN 39347        Paul Adam Inc as L'intime Ltd
RN 39351        Jenelle of California
RN 39472        Admiration Hosiery Mills
RN 39565        Monroe Hosiery Finishers
RN 40079        Sophia Morgan and Sincerely, Natalie by Wior Brothers Mfg Co
RN 40492        Montgomery Ward
RN 40752        Woman's World Fashions as Jennifer Dale
RN 41189        Eppie by Anastacio
RN 41381        Ralph Lauren
RN 41488        Bare Luxury
RN 41676        Trim-Line Foundations and Empire Intimates by Farel Corp
RN 41933        Classique by Camden Mills, Inc
RN 41957        First Lady Lingerie
RN 42000        Inhibitions and Passion Power (K Mart)
RN 42258        True Couture
RN 42312        Jenelle of California
RN 42461        (Lindsey Roscoe for) Farr West
RN 42529        Sanmark (includes Cachet for Sears, Dream Wear,
                        Secret Treasures, Especially Yours and Marc Robbins)
RN 42689        Amber Lingerie
RN 42844        Bestform Fashions
RN 43470        Hanes (brands) incl Playskin/Danskin
RN 43952        Federated Dept Stores as Lindsey Blake
RN 44631        Butterfield 8
RN 44651        Blue Package (Sears)
RN 44782        N Edelson Sons (Ma Cherie and FeatherBed)
RN 44801        Wilmot Mills, Inc
RN 45078        Intimé of California (includes Tender Moments and Tova)
RN 45380        Bliss Manufacturing, Inc (Nanflower)
RN 46416        (seen on) The Sears Doesn't Slip
RN 47262        Ventura Ltd (Contessa, Quiet Moments and Woman Within)
RN 47341        Steppin' Out
RN 47581        Helen of Troy Inc
RN 47755        Beverly Creations and Night Time Creations
RN 48557        Mervyn (includes Sabrina, High Sierra, Hillard & Henson Intimates)
RN 49136        Beam Corporation as Lucie Ann
RN 49138        Beam Corporation as First Love, Indulgence and Lucie Ann II
RN 49763        Visions by Sherwood Cliffs Lingerie Corp
RN 49948        Haband for Her
RN 49952        Sears JR (Junior?) Bazaar
RN 50434        Warnaco (includes Calvin Klein, Valentino Intimo, Warner's, Olga and lejaby)
RN 50814        Elie Tahari by Morning Lady Inc
RN 50821        Under-Duds Inc
RN 50846        Briar Creek (includes Chic by H.I.S. and Body Chic)
RN 50856        Kaydette (Body Chic, Dawn to Dusk, Lady Manhattan and some Je t'adore)
RN 50858        JJ Enterprises (Dawn to Dusk)
RN 50951        Chic Lingerie Co, Inc
RN 51799        Carriage Court
RN 52098        St Eve Creations
RN 52469        Kathie Lee and No Boundaries by Wal-Mart
RN 52689        Bayonne Fashions (incl Bari for Abraham & Straus)
RN 52731        Sachet by I Appel Corporation
RN 52884        Youthful Creations
RN 53002        Blush Lingerie
RN 53073        The Fair Inc
RN 53167        Mel-Lin Lingerie (including Melody)
RN 53581        Elana (by Michael Bernstein)
RN 53600        Teri Lingerie
RN 54050        Nine & Co and Nine West by Kasper
RN 54732        Hot Line Industries as Castle Harbor
RN 54867        Victoria's Secret
RN 55132        Beth Michaels by Lewis Frimel
RN 55134        Lewis Frimel Lingerie (incl Beth Michaels)
RN 55285        Express (Design Studio)
RN 56694        P.I.A., Joie de Vie (Night n Day Intimates)
                        and Improved Living by Pollinaise Intimate Apparel
RN 56835        Cabela's
RN 57254        Debutante by Nite Fashions Inc
RN 58665        Nordstrom
RN 58909        Dillards (includes Jasmine & Ginger, Go Softly and Judith Hart)
RN 59478        Willow Blossom by Marshalls of MA
RN 60128        Rosalie by Van Mar, Inc
RN 60206        Body Wrappers by Attitudes in Dressing, Inc
RN 60766        Carole Hochman
RN 60946        Trueform Foundations (incl Flexees and Subtract)
RN 61085        Undercover Wear (incl Underscore, Tiffany's Closet and Joie de Vie)
RN 61755        Juliara
RN 61981        Mark. by Avon Products
RN 62295        Fantasy Lingerie (incl Especially Yours)
RN 63153        Rampage Clothing (Eletra Casadei)
RN 63363        Flora Nikrooz
RN 63420        August Silk Intimates by Merchants International
RN 63566        Wynette by Valmont
RN 63857        Kathryn
RN 63944        Hanes (brands)
RN 64211        MGT Industries, Inc (as Linea Donatella, In Bloom, Bisou Bisou,
                        Secret Treasures, Sleep Solutions, California Dynasty and TJW)
RN 64971        Emil Bole, Inc
RN 65034        Hope Enterprises (Va Bien)
RN 65199        No Boundaries by Randy My Love
RN 65539        Jones New York (incl Nina Ricci and Etienne)
RN 65782        Sonali Corporation
RN 66170        Urban Outfitters (Eloise and Anthropologie)
RN 67227        Bobbie Brooks
RN 67618        AGE Group (Flora Nikrooz, Ambrielle)
RN 68223        Petra Fashions
RN 68863        Russell Newman (Incl Willow Creek)
RN 69016        Bon-Ton Stors (sic) Made in China for MUI Group as Laura Ashley (plus other brands)
RN 69271        Rebecca Malone Intimates
RN 69459        Portocruz by J Valdi
RN 69074        St Anna
RN 70091        Victoria’s Secret (incl Solange and Cacique)
RN 70107        Marissa
RN 70256        Emjay Lingerie, Inc
RN 70523        Symmetry Fashions
RN 70640        Avon Fashions
RN 70755        Malco Modes (incl Partners Please)
RN 70817        Victoria's Secret Stores
RN 70829        Rue 21 (incl Tarea)
RN 70885        Szule Inc as Rosa & Co and Rosa Puleo-Szule
RN 71222        Rampage by Van Dale (incl A.B.S Intimates)
RN 71224        ABC Distribution (Lillian Lorow Designs)
RN 71588        Gloria Vanderbilt Intimates and French Dressing
RN 72049        International Intimates
RN 72129        Ilise Stevens (also seen "58-1294290")
RN 72248        Felina Lingerie
RN 72833        J. O. Intimates by Wintop International
RN 72882        Best United Garment Co
RN 72409        International Intimates Inc as Sophie B and René Rofé
RN 73033        Lady Desirée by Secrets Lingerie
RN 73120        Frederick's of Hollywood
RN 73277        Apt 9 and Croft & Barrow Intimates (Kohl's)
RN 73785        Laura Ashley mostly UK-made (+ some HongKong)
RN 73870        Tosca Lingerie of California, Inc (and some InnerMost)
RN 73960        Gloria Vanderbilt Intimates (incl Avenue Body)
RN 75319        Cira
RN 75366        Previews USA by Emjay Lingerie
RN 75804        Marshall Field until 1990 (became Target)
RN 76290        Safari
RN 76292        True Colors
RN 76346        DBF (equals Darling Body Fashions)
RN 77153        Body Lites for JCPenney and some Beth Michaels
RN 77578        April Cornell (by Corneil)
RN 77608        the J Peterman Company
RN 77751        Betsey Johnson by BJ Vines
RN 77804        Dreamgirl by Lovin' Enterprises
RN 78056        Standard Venture (Sweet Heart and Party Time)
RN 78138        Vermont Country Store
RN 78334        JWE Sales (Insilk)
RN 78649        Liz Moody by Penningtons Stores
RN 79423        Dentelle, Intimate Affair
RN 79441        Kellwood (Sears) as Alexandra Nicole, InnerMost, LA Intimates
RN 79653        Paula Carbone Ltd (Papillon)
RN 79711        Jacalyn E S Bennett (for Victoria's Secret)
RN 79862        Sanmark-Stardust (incl Seductive Wear by Cinema Étoile, some Beth Michaels and Cliché)
RN 79984        Cool Nights and Soma (by Chico's)  
RN 79994        Angelica by Cinzia (by Creative Fashions)
RN 79996        Deena Inc (includes Dreamtime)
RN 80465        Fleur de Lace by Smoothie
RN 80763        Victoria's Secret Direct (includes Moda International)
RN 80861        Escanté
RN 82940        Kelly Reed Collection
RN 83941        Amanda Rich by Carlton Hall Inc
RN 84890        Haband
RN 86183        Charlotte by GMA
RN 88802        Escanté
RN 88554        Blair by Metropolitan Mfg
RN 88842        Lane Bryant (also Amoureuse, Roaman's, Comfort Choice,
                        Only Necessities and Daphne Grey)
RN 88943        Malini
RN 89782        The Natori Company
RN 90410        Delta Burke by Dreamwear Inc
RN 90479        Lara Lingerie of Houston
RN 90875        Breezies
RN 91118        Morsam Fashions (includes Jasmine Rose and
                        seen on a gown labelled "Vanity FAIR")
RN 91198        Soprano by Majestic
RN 91519        Whispers
RN 92138        American Girl by Pleasant Company
RN 93010        Panties Plus
RN 93677       JCPenney Purchasing (Adonna and Underscore)
RN 94107       Kristine Tyler Intimates
RN 94494       Jolie Intimates
RN 94522       SayWhat
RN 95287       Venus by Cortland Foundations
RN 95542       Lati Fashions
RN 96030       Comfort Choice and Woman Within by Velrose Lingerie
RN 96741       Self Esteem
RN 97371       Deréon
RN 97431       Smart & Sexy (a matter of opinion!) by Ariela Alpha International
RN 98504       Eileen West
RN 99249       Serenada by Catherines Stores
RN 99747       Heavenly Shapewear

                         revised 23 August 2016

(c) Copyright Martin Harrison


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