American made Authentic Coach Handbags vs China

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Coach handbags are an excellent example of American craftsmanship at its best.Made with quality materials an attention to detail that's rare in today's marketplace,Coach handbags are worth their higher price,As always,there are people who would rather spend less and purchase a fake handbag,But there is NO resell value if you decide to sell later, Coach vintage handbags are strong sellers on Ebay and Overstock and Amazom.The fake handbags may look similar to the real thing ,but they are not the same quality.To tell the difference between the fake and authentic Coach bags .I sell Authentic Coach handbags and here are some signs.

1.look closely at the Coach ''C logos on the outside of the bag. They should all be symmetrical ,especially at the seams.Notice whether any of the ''C logos are cut off at any of the bag's edges or seams. An authentic Coac bag does not display a logo that has been severed or partially sewn.No matter how slight the compromise may be ,the ' c should be completely in tact.

2. Verify that all of the stitiching is uniform double in thickness .Any thin,singlr -thread or inconsistent stitiching indicates a 'fake Coach handbag.

3 Check the lining on signature Coach bags. signature bags do not have signature linings .Signature linings are used by Coach,but only in bags with solid -colored exteriors.

4 Check the bag for a lining. Leaving the out of abag is an easy way to cut cost when manufacturing a fake bag.All authentic Coach handbags are lined, with only one exception ,the Vintage Coach which I sell and buy .

5. Look beyon the serial number or authentication code. Many designer use such codes and Coach is no exception.The difference is that Coach is very inconsistent with the use and application of these numbers .It is not uncommon to find Coach bags from different lines with the exact same number,Because of this codes are not reliable means for determing authenticity.

6. When purchasing a Coach handbag from a factory outlet,the sale tag will say ''COACH' in brown letters,with that word 'factory' underneath in a small type font. When purcahsing a Caoch handbag online ,inquire about its factory status and ask to see a picture of the tag.

7. The authentic Coach handbag's bar code is on the reverse side of the white tag.Make sure it is facing the opposite direction of the word 'COACH' on the other side of the tag;that will cause it to appear upside down from the text on the front side of the tag. There also will be an alphanumeric sequence above the bar code that coincides with the authentic item's style number.After the style number,there will be three in early one's and four later alpanumbric characters with a forward slash in the middle, Example C5/MC

8. Check the zipper .Coach bags only use the YKK zippers ,so if your zipper does not say anything or says something other that YKK ,this may also indicate a fake bag.


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