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Real Djinn Information:


These incredible spirits were created a long time before man.  Created by the same powers above that created you and I.  Born of the smokeless fire of Allah.  When it comes to deeper and more in-depth information on these spirits, it can be hard to determine what is fact and fiction.  

What is fact is that these incredible spirits are here for you and I to use!  They are as any tool, any spell, any ritual; They are here for us to use to better our lives.  Many ask, why do the Djinn want to help us?  Why do they want to be “enslaved” into a ring or lamp for the rest of their lives?  

The answer to this is rather simple and very special!  These spirits desire to be in the same world that we are.  The want to be in this realm, in this plane.  They want to experience what we take for granted everyday!  If you think about this, it makes perfect sense.  Take a moment to look around you and see what you have.  Look out your window and see the hills and mountains.  

So, you can look at it this way, these powerful spirits are more than willing to help us enrich our lives as it betters them as well!

Also, many often ask what is it that I can do with these spirits and really the question should be, what is it that you can not do with these spirits?  If you can dream it my friends then it is possible.  Do you wish to be wealthy, or have great health?  Maybe you desire to have the ability to see into the future or the past, or know things through the “3rd eye.”  

Why don’t you take a second before we go into more detail and think about your lives.  Think about all the good things that you have and enjoy.  Think about all of the hardships that you are going through at this moment.  Maybe your heart is aching from lost love, or maybe you are a shy person with physical imperfections.  Think about all those things you would like to change.

All those things that you would like to be different, all those things you would like to change are not that far out of reach and they are changeable!  It can happen and the Djinn can help you with all of this!  

You may also be asking yourself, how really has had their lives changed by the Djinn and I can honestly tell you that many many have!  Just recently I received an email from a good friend, she had just won over a million dollars, thanks to one of my powerful Djinn!  This is just a great example!  Or how about my good friend James and his new wife Robin, who were brought together (thousands of miles apart) by one of my Djinn.  These experiences are happening and they are real!

When it comes to these powerful spirits doing right and wrong it basically boils down to the master of that spirit!  No Djinn does evil or bad deeds!  This is not what they were created for!  This is not to say that they will not do wrong when ordered by their masters, but that price falls on the head of the master, not the spirits!  This is certainly something to remember when judgment day arrives!

Also, depending on the invocations used to bind the spirit to the master, a spirit can be willed to only to do good!  This means that the spirit will not grant any bad, negative, or evil wishes!  


There is a lot of confusion on how these spirits will appear to their master!  One thing to keep in mind is that these spirits are not bound to this realm in the physical form, but rather the spiritual one.  Many experience their Djinn through ghostly apparitions.  Some see smoke, some see odd glimpses from the corners of their eyes.  Also some get full fledge manifestations that are touchable and sensible while others have visions and what not.  It is important to know that each spirit is very different from the next and may manifest differently for different masters.

On a personal note, it is needs to be noted that with all spirits, energy is needed to manifest!  It is recommend that with all spirits, Djinn, Angels, Watchers, etc, that powerful rituals should be used to make the perfect conditions available.  I suggest Banishing rituals (of evil and negative energy) and strong Positive Energy rituals; Which you can find on my site or if you need, I can suggest some free rituals as well).

Lot of people are very confused about the spirits that they have purchased from the internet and most notably, Ebay.  Some do not have any sort of experience and question if they actually have a real item, with a real Djinn bound to it.  I am constantly asked how to tell if there is or isn’t.

This of course is not a simple question to answer, but I can give you some great pointers and suggestions.  

The first being, these incredible spirits are made up of energy and with all energy, you are able to feel it (of course, there are rules to this and certainly circumstances can render this useless).  When you receive a true Djinn from whatever source, you should be able to get a sense from that spirit.  You should be able to feel its power and for those that are not used to these energies can feel very over whelmed.  Many have head aches, dizziness, and odds feelings and experiences.

For the second method, you really need to follow you instincts and your heart!  The best judge you have will be those voices that tell you some many different things.  In most cases they do not lead you wrong!  I really recommend everyone to listen to those voices and feelings and not to someone else.  It is easy for someone to tell you that there is no Djinn or spirit there….
The third method is through the use of a Spirit Guide.  Spirit guides can take you directly to the spirit if there is one and can help you get the answers to you biggest questions concerning your Djinn.


When it comes to binding with the Djinn, there is also lot of different ideas on how this works.  Sadly, many are mistaken and their spirits go inactive.  One of the biggest miscommunications about these spirits is the Invocation process!  Everyone should know that there HAS to be an Invocation Ritual!  There has to be one!  It also has to be done by the master of the spirit!  No one else can do the ritual for you.  So with that in mind, before you purchase a Djinn, make sure that the seller provides a REAL Invocation Ritual.  If you are told that it has already been done or that you do not need one, then there is some sort of problem.  No spirit is active all the time.  It is not always the case that the seller is a fraud, but it is possible that they do not know better.  Many sellers offer real items (I hope so) but it is clear that they do not know how to properly pass them on to another Master.

Speaking of Invocations, as I mentioned previously, you should always be able to feel the power and energy of your spirit and this feeling will get stronger the longer you possess this spirit and as your bonding continues.  There is a “but” this though, if you have more than one spirit, it is very possible that they will “fight (this is not an actual fight of course)” each other for the master’s attention.  They will block each other from making contact with the master.  That is where the Multiple Spirit Invocation comes into play (you can click HERE for more information on this very powerful Invocation Ritual).

While on the subject of spiritual invocations, it should also be said that the invocations do not have to be complex or dangerous.  Just the opposite really, Invocations should be (for the average person) fairly simple (and can be complex and dangerous), very private and very personal.  When you are bonding with spirits, remember that respect is KEY!  These spirits can be very temperamental!  

I also want to add that I have heard of some sellers offering Invocation rituals that involve fasting and not sleeping for days at a time.  This is completely silly and if you are told this then clearly the seller is making it up!  There is no such ritual that involves this sort of practice.  Your spirits do not want you to suffer.  Just be careful my friends.

It should be noted that Djinn Invocations Have to be done at night, not during the day light hours.  Remember, these are spirits of Shadows and do not like being showed off.  This may be easier to remember, Djinn at night, Angels during the day.


Next my good friends, let’s talk about the bonding period.  This is the time it takes for the master to make a strong, full connect with their spirit.  Many ask how long it takes for this process and really the answer varies from spirit to spirit and master to master.  Invocations can always play a role in this as well.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to the Djinn, you are looking at months to years.  In most cases you are looking at a time of months.  The younger the spirit, the shorter the bonding period!  Also, it should also be pointed out that the younger the spirit the more specific and focused their abilities are.  The Djinn certainly get more powerful with age!

I cannot stress enough, YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN INVOCATION RITUAL to bind with a Djinn.  


The conjuring process of these spirits (the binding of a spirit to a vessel) is a very dangerous process.  No one should ever attempt this unless they are extremely experienced in the way of spirits, magick, and the spirit planes.  It is far more likely you will conjure a demon or evil spirit than a Djinn if you are inexperienced!  Please be careful when playing with spirits.  Not all are friends.


Releasing the Djinn is not as easy or as hard as some think.  Many say that the Djinn can be released from the vessel by touching certain matter.  Water, steel, copper, salt, dish soap, etc.  I have heard some pretty crazy ones.  A good friend of mine told me just a little while back that one seller said that cleaning the vessel could harm the Djinn.  This is completely false my friends and very silly.  If you think about it you will see how this is silly as well.

The only one that can release the Djinn is the master of that Djinn.


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