All about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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All about Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
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Clarity enhanced diamonds have been around for many years. They are 100 % natural stones that came from the mine. and have become popular especially in today’s economy, more consumers, looking for a larger stone at a lower price.

The purpose of the Enhancement is basically to make natural diamond imperfections invisible. Almost every diamond has an internal inclusions that has been created while the diamonds is in the mine, the clarity enhancement process simply improve the clarity of the diamond ,  It does not "fix" the flaws; it only makes them more visually appealing. which also increase the value of the stone, The Enhancement simply makes them as beautiful as they can possibly be…

The Enhancement of the diamonds can be made by two ways:

Laser Drilling

The process of laser drilling is used to remove dark inclusions, such as carbon spots. By drilling microscopic holes from the surface of the diamond to the inclusion itself, this process is permanent the stone will stay like this and will not get back to its original form.
Extra Brilliant does not use this process.


Feather filling

The feather filling process is used. to fill the inclusions with elements that replace the air that’s in the inclusion  ,after the inclusion is filled, light can pass through the diamond without deflection, making the diamond appear cleaner to the naked eye, This process is not permanent and can be returned to the previous way, by using Acid, Jewelry torch,or Re-cutting the diamond
Every Clarity Enhanced Diamond has the flash effect that can be seen under 10 x magnification from the pavilion side of the diamond.

How does the enhancement process affect the stone?

The enhancement improves the clarity up to 2 grades.
The process does not add any weight to the stone
The color stays the same

Should I take precautions with an enhanced stone?
Normal wear and tear cannot harm the enhancement. Only if the diamond is exposed to high heat or strong acids and bases, the enhancement may be reversed. In the extremely rare case that a Diamond should lose its enhancement, also a direct heat of a torch or strong acids or ammonia bases can damage the treatment.
Tell your jeweler that the stone is enhanced. Any jeweler will understand this and take the necessary action.


When you decide to purchase a Clarity Enhanced Diamond you have the ability to get a larger and  cleaner diamond for 30%-50% less expensive then a none- Enhanced diamond now you can own a piece of jewelry that will stun your friends and family. And give you great pleasure…. So why settle for small diamond?? when you can buy a beautiful diamond and save money at the same time …







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