Alden #990 Color 8 Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher

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Alden - #990 Plain Toe Blucher in Color 8 Shell Cordovan Leather - One of the most popular models from Alden. 

Did you know?

The Blucher - this shoe is named after the Prussian general Gebhad Leberecht von Blucher, with whom the first time British troops met with a German ally during the Napoleonic Wars.  The British noticed the Prussians' shoes that have been a good companion during their impressive marches.  Since his encounter, all Derby patterns in the Anglo-Saxon cobbler language are called Blucher.  Unlike the normal Derby, the Blucher is made from a single piece of leather, except the pieces for the laces and the back strap.  Therefore the high quality puts itself excellently into pose, giving the shoe rich variety.

The Alden Shoe Company also offers this style in black calfskin, black Shell Cordovan and the extremely rare Cigar and Whiskey Shell Cordovan on special order.

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