African Padauk

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African Padauk
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African Padauk, (Pterocarpus soyauxii), originated in Central to West Africa. With a Janka hardness of 1725, Padauk is 33% harder then Rad Oak, and 18% harder then Maple.

Padauk is sometimes known as barwood because it is moisture-resistant and can survive knocks. Woodworkers love Padauk because it is tough but relatively easy to use, even though the grain can be interlocked.

The heartwood is bright orange-red to blood-red and the sapwood is grayish white. This wood possesses good strength, is flexable, shock resistant, and resistant to compression and dents.

Currently, Padauk is used for veneers. It is also used to a limited extent for fancy turnery and high quality tool handles. It is an excellent flooring material, suitable for heavy traffic. The bulk of Padauk is used for furniture, cabinets, novelties, and decoratibe panels.

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