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Add Pictures, Animation, Glitters, and Music to Listing

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Adding Pictures, Music, Animation, and Glitters To Your Auction For FREE!

I have had several people contact me and ask "How do you add these things to your auction"

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The answer is quite simple. If you know how to copy and paste, then you already have enough knowledge to add these things! I have written guides on how to add music and how to add pictures for FREE! Now, I'm going to tell you how to add glitters and animation! You can find cute, funny, and seasonal glitters to your auction. The best I have found yet is blinkyou.com. They offer a variety of "Welcome to My Auction" "Check out My Store" "100% Honest Seller" and "Proud Seller" glitters. Simply find the one you like on blinkyou.com and copy the HTML code! You can paste this code anywhere you want it to show in you listing! Now, when you looking for animation the best types to add are .gif files. I have seen several people selling this information on ebay in "E-Books". I decided I would find these things myself and give the info out for free, there is no need to charge people for this! Yes, I have spent money and TONS of time, but I like to help others. So, I will NEVER charge for this info! I am currently creating a software (Patent Pending) to help everyone create the most eye-catching auctions!! If you want to add animation the best site is http://www.feebleminds-gifs.com/christmas-gifs.html  they offer more than just Christmas .gif and animation! You will do the same with these codes! Or you can simply highlight the picture and copy and paste it into your auction! If you decide to just copy and paste the picture (much faster) it will only last in your listing for up to 8 days! So, if you need to relist or have an auction or store inventory that will last longer, you will have to copy and paste the picture again! In these cases I would recommend adding the HTML code! To do this, simply click on the picture, then right click, when your menu appears, scroll down to properties and copy the URL (which contains the HTML) and paste it into your HTML view of your listing page! That's all there is to it!! The only thing I ask for you to do, is to vote on this guide (no ebay is no longer giving away money helpful guides). I only ask that you do this so that I will no if these guides are helpful! If not I will not continue to spend time writing them. Ebay fees have yet again increased (As of Jan. 02, 2007) and I would like to help all sellers save money and bring attention to their auction! Since Ebay is a primary source of income for some people and much needed extra income for others, I think these guides will help you save money, so that you can make more money! After all these are you items your selling, why let Ebay and Paypal keep all of your profit?!?

I hope these guides help you on your journey within Ebay! If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to email me!

Brittany  (always-wholesale-direct)

!Important Tip! Always hit the space bar after you insert any .gif, .mid, or any HTML file just one time! Simply insert it and HIT THE SPACE BAR ONCE!

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