About Precious Moments Date Stamp

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About Precious Moments Date Stamp
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Sam Butcher the artist and creator behind the Precious Moments collection and manufactured by Enesco. The collection illustrates his depiction of the teardrop-eyed children made of porcelain bisque and formed into figurines; all have one familiar theme in common an inspirational meaning and classic features. He began his artistic career creating the teardrop eyed children on greeting cards and posters. In 1978, Sam Butcher's artwork was discovered by Enesco Founding Chairman Eugene Freedman, who transformed his drawings into a three dimensional figurine collection. Ever since then the Precious Moments collection has develop into one of the most admired collectibles.

The follow is a guide to the date stamp on the bottom of each Precious Moments figurine.

Speciality Marks

Written by Annette Nolan of AnnEpiphany of Wisconsin

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