Abbreviations Used in Ebay Listings

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Abbreviations Used in Ebay Listings
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When I first started on eBay, I had no clue what NWT, EUC, NIB, and many other terms meant. As a buyer, this frustrated me, and as a seller, it caused me to use the space in my title for these words instead of the well searched abbreviations. Here is a list of common abbreviations used in listings for clothing items and other items such as books:
  • NWT New with Tags
  • NWOT New Without Tags
  • EUC Excellent Used Condition
  • VGC Very Good Condition
  • NIB New in Box 
  • NIP New in Package
  • OOAK One of A Kind
  • BIN Buy It Now
  • NR No Reserve
  • N/R No Reserve
  • TCP The Children's Place
  • EMB Embroidered
  • HB Hardback book
  • PB Paperback book
  • SB Softback book
  • COA Certificate of Authenticity
  • OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer (not aftermarket)
  • NOS New Old Stock
  • OOP Out of Print
  • PP Paypal
  • MO Money Order
  • CC Credit Card
  • BOHO Bohemian Hippie Style
  • ORP Original Retail Price
  • ON Old Navy
  • BTS Back To School
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