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Hello! As many of you I am a COACH lover!  As one of the most popular bag brands COACH is flattered by all the fakes out there!  A fake bag is ok if you are paying for one!  Watch out for all the unscrupulous sellers who will rip you off!!

  1. COACH are made and trimmed with REAL leather, if you see PU leather then it is a fake!
  2. Just because it has a Creed doesn't mean anything.  Many fakes now advertise that they have a CREED and REGISTRATION NUMBER
  3. Serial Numbers are now Registration Numbers.  THEY no longer are unique for all bags.  THE first increment will be some letters and numbers. THE letters tell what country they were made in and the numbers the year, the numbers after the dash should correspond to the style NO.
  4. Signature Bags Never HAVE Signature Lining!
  5. Look at the zippers.  Most COACH have the initials of YKK on them.
  6. Retail Tags are never attached on the chain for the hand tag
  7. For the OPTIC bags look at the print. Many fakes don't have enough overlapping or colors
  8. MOST fakes are sold as LIMITED EDITIONS!  COACH does have these but make sure that they actually Made the Item being advertised
  9. PATCHWORK- The fakes always seem to have a burgondy or almost reddish leather.  THE real leather is a darker tan.  VERY nice and rich
  10. TAGS can be faked.  Many fakers spend more time on the actual paperwork than the purse themselves!  Make sure the tag matches the actual purse
  11. Some COACH bags do not include the Registration cards any longer. DO not use this to determine AUTHENTICITY!  THEY can be registered online
  12. Signature Bags are the most copied of all.  IT is often hard to distinguish.  Look at the stiching and make sure that it is the right color as well as the hardware.  Check to see if the lining matches what it should be.  Sitching should be nice and even. Sometimes there is a slight flaw but they should be even and straight.
  13. Reciepts mean nothing.  You can buy software online to produce reciepts based on templates for different companies!
  14. Look at the dogleash clips.  FAKES don't seem to have the right size. Many of COACH's clips are big and heavy, very sturdy.
  15. Many people put authentic in their adds when they aren't! 
  16. Beware of sellers who avoid your questions. THEY hAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!!
  18. POWER sellers are not a guarantee. THEY need only sell $1000 a month for 3 months to qualify.
  19. Leather bags cannot be produced for less than 50-100 so if the price is below it is probably NOT LeATher = NOT COACH
  20. Fakers love to make a new bag completely and tote it as rare item.  IF you haven't even heard of the style and they have no style NO. STAY away!!
  21. If the leather looks shiney or if it falls apart after a few time it is FAKE.  COACH purses are renowned for thier Quality and Durability.  I still have a bag from HIGHSCHOOL!  IT looks great.
  22. COACH wrap their bags in normal greyish packing paper.  Sometimes there will be a sheet of signature tissue.  THEY sometimes put foam around the hardware to keep from scratching. BEWARE if you see wrapped in PLASTIC!  If any plastic bag is included it should be clear with a red COACH logo. ALSO with a sticker with a peelable tag w/ the style NO.
  23. Dustbags don't prove anyting.  Make sure the dustbag is a dark brown with a white COACH logo and with crimson cords.  FOR some they are white with crimson cords. BUT not often
  24. MOST SELLERS (including myself) Start auctions at .99 cents.  THIS DOESN"T MEAN FAKE!! IF a buy it NOW is done at ridiculously low price maybe you found a great deal or MAYBE u didn't.
  25. RIght now the 10145 is SUPER HOT and POPULAR!! FAKES have these issues:  THE straps have metal rivets for the buckle holes. REAL don't!  THERE should be 2 leather rings on each strap to hold it to the bag the fakes have 1.  OPTIC pattern is OFF? NOT enough C or overlap
  26. 10078- the fakes i have noticed don't have the strip of leather along  the zipper. ALSO on the side pockets there should be a strip of the signature fabric through the strap.  On the TO color there should be 2 differnt color threads. A light tan and a darker TOBACCO color. 

I have been a COACH collector for years.  I have recently started to offer some bags myself for sale on ebay.  Please note that i do not claim to be an expert, just a seasoned purchaser.  I have been ripped off and don't want that to happen to YOU!

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