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ATV's and UTV's for sale on EBay

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I'm in the market to get a new or slightly used UTV. Been reading all the ads for the last 2 weeks. I bid on one local Rhino, but lost in the auction process. They buyer calls me and told me he had a private offer and sold it outside of Ebay. No problem. However, 24 hours later his exact pictures and text appears again, with a different sellers name, no sellers history, offering up the very same Rhino, and of course or only $2900 !  I called the first seller back, and he told me that he did indeed already sell the machine, but that he would report the scam it to Ebay. Hours later, it's pulled from the daily offering list.  Today, one week later, its back on again. The exact same pics and slightly different text.  I've already  sent several emails to Ebay asking about the legitamacy of several of their ads in the last 10 days.  Too bad you only get canned responses back from Ebay, not a real  yes or a no.  As big as Ebay is as a company, what would it take for them to proof read one of their ads prior to them publishing them?  The majority of these scams wouldn't make it to print if EBay had a live person actually reading their ad prior to publication. If anyone from Ebay reads these messages then you should be aware that in fact Ebay is in fact part of the existing scam problem if it keeps willingly publishing scam offers.  Since Ebay is not making any effort to screen their ads, you should excersize extreme caution buying anything of any real value.
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