AAA School Safety Patrol Badges

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It seems that the old 1960's and 70's AAA School Safety Patrol Badges are becoming a hot item on Ebay. These old relics are a nice memento but did you know that they are being counterfitted at an alarming rate. For just pennies, these tin badges are reproduced down to the Hallmarks on the back, with no way to tell the difference betwen the real thing and fakes that are all over Ebay. Recenly a Captain's Badge sold for well over $200. and it is very likely that it was a copy. A good way to tellis that the real thing will show the wear and tear that a kid of 12 years old and the like, will put on it after a school year. The fact that they are in "Mint" condition is a dead giveaway. The Sergent's Badge seems, for some unknown reason, to be the most expensive. I have no idea why, since there were no more or less of those produced than any other rank. The one that has been left out altogether is the Corporal's Badge. Yes, there was, in fact, a Corporal's Badge made then also. It is just like the others, except it is a very light blue, and says "Corporal". Like the other ranks, with the exception of the Patrolman's Badge, there were equal numbers made and distributed of these as well. Aparently the Chinese don't know this, but it IS a Fact.

The going price for the AAA School Safety Patrol badges all over this country, in flea markets, curio shops, antique stores, and the like is about $12.00 each. The Patrolman's Badge is  usually a couple of dollars less becaue there were thousands more of them made and distributed. Today's AAA School Safety Patrol Program, unlike the FREE Supplies of the 50's, 60's and '70's are sold to schools for a small fee. The price of ALL badges is the same, 75 cents. Yes, you can order them yourself from AAA. Less than a Dollar including shipping. So, Stop being fooled by the cheap tin copies flooding the market. Stop paying out $30, $40., and more for items that are worth about 50 cents.

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