A tip on how to remove mold stains from clothing.

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My daughter went swimming this summer and took a brand new white shirt to put on over her bathing suit.

When she came home she just tossed it down into the basement and it went between the shelf and the steps. When i found it there were mold stains down the front.

I washed it in hot water with bleach but of course it didnt help. I was going to toss it out but noticed my bottle of Lysol Mold and Mildew remover with bleach on the shelf and thought what the heck, i am gonna throw it out anyway so i might as well give it a shot.

Well, i sprayed it all over the shirt where there were mold stains, this was a Gymboree shirt for those of you familiar with it. It was the short sleeve Panda tee with the big blue circle.....i even sprayed it directly on the blue circle, i really had nothing to lose and threw it in the washer with Tide.

When it came out of the washer it looked like new and there was no damage to the blue area, i was impressed.

So, if you have any clothing with mold stains, before you throw it out try using the Lysol Mold & Mildew remover with bleach.

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