A simple guide: GREEN GREEN Lucky Bamboo Plant Food Use

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A simple guide: GREEN GREEN Lucky Bamboo Plant Food Use
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A SIMPLE guide on how to use Green Green Lucky Bamboo Plant Food/Fertilizer

As a seller of the Green Green Plant Food/Fertilizer and as an avid user of the product, it is a MUST HAVE for all your Lucky Bamboo Plants' every day need!

A highly recommended product!

Why use Green Green Plant Food/Fertilizer?

Lucky Bamboo, or bamboo plants like many other plants are in need of acid. Unfortunately, since they are indoor plants, they don't get the proper nutrient from rain water that outdoor plants receives when it rains. Green Green Plant Food/Fertilizer helps replenish those needed nutrient for a continuous healthy and growing life of the plant.
These are the STEPS I have used and worked for me:

(Please be advised that I can NOT guarantee any results, this is purely based on my experience)

If your Lucky Bamboo plant is turning a softer shade of green and showing some yellow:
1) Do NOT put the plant in direct sunlight.
2) Do NOT put it OUTSIDE. It's an indoor plant and can be perfectly happy being in a bathroom
3) Pour almost ALL of the water OUT and add fresh water.
(Using filtered water would help)
4) Add the Green Green Plant Food/Fertilizer DIRECTLY into the pot your plant is resting in.

How many drops?

Depending on the size of your pot and how many stalks of bamboo in your arrangement, be generous.
I usually give it a good SQUIRT or TWO.

For everyday watering:

What I like to do is:
Take a GALLON of water and EMPTY TWO (I used to say one, but I have found that 60 ml (2 bottles) have worked a bit better) bottles of Green Green Plant Food/Fertilizer into the gallon of water.
Use that mixture to water your plant.
Keep in mind:
Lucky Bamboo plants are NOT outdoor plants.
Keep them INDOOR at all time and preferably not in direct sunlight.
As mentioned above, it can be perfectly happy in a bathroom
Lucky Bamboo are NOT to be planted into soil. They will die.
Keep them in a vase with plenty of water.
Do change the water every once in a while. How often? Use your own judgment. Does the water look mucky?
Does it smell? etc...
It is known that if the water smells, the plant might already be dying from the inside and may not be visible UNTIL its too late.

If the stalk of the bamboo is already turning yellow from the bottom, try cutting the yellow parts off.
The yellow part of the bamboo can be decaying and affecting the rest of the plant. I've even had advise of cutting the base of the bamboo once in a while to encourage new root growth. I have never done this myself..so please...use your OWN judgement on what you should or shouldn't do to your bamboo.

Multiple stalks arrangement can be resting in too small of a vase. Roots might be cramped up so you might want to buy a larger vase to move the plant into.

I have found that Green Green Plant Food & Fertilizer has worked well with other household plants and outdoor plants that LOVES acid (such as Gardenias).

Results may vary per plant. See your local grower for additional tips and advice.

Here is some additional information:

(the information below is listed from the manufacturer's/retail box under "Guaranteed Analysis")
Diluted 5-10-20
Nitrogen (0.005%)
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (0.003%)
Nitrate Nitrogen (0.002%)
Available Phosphate (0.01%)
Soluble Potash (0.02%)

Derived from: Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Phosphates.

I can not STRESS hard enough that this is NOT a guarantee method but only based on my own experience. Please use this advise with caution to your bamboo. It's a plant and like many other plant..it may work for one person and may not work for another.

I hope this little guide has helped you

P.S My mother has always told me that, Lucky Bamboo grows when your own personal wealth and fortune grows. The taller the plant grows, the more luck and fortune will come along.  Mine is doing well but can't beat my mom's.

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