A Used Golf Ball Grading Guide

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A Used Golf Ball Grading Guide
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After years of cleaning, sorting and grading used golf balls I thought I would write a quick overview of the grading tier process.  First realize that grading the balls are done by people, and therefore it is not an exact science.  The tier descriptions vary from seller to seller.  AAAAA grade could be same as A from another seller, its the written description that identifies the quality and condition of the balls in the auction.  Take the time to review the description, and then of course check the feedback for the seller.  If you are able to see feedback from someone purchasing the same grade of ball as you are looking at, then that is even better.  To check what type of product the feedback is given for, click on the auction number and it will link you to the auction the feedback is written about. 

I handle the grading of the golf balls that we offer on Ebay,  this is because even within our own household we have different standards for grading.   Mike (the other half of our business) believes my grading is too tough, thus very few balls meet my highest grading.  I believe in offering the customer as good or better than they are expecting.   I hope just this information shows you how different the grading can be.

A quick overview of what goes into grading the balls... First is cleaning, then sorting by brand, then sorting by type of ball.  Once sorted to like kinds of balls then the quality check comes into play.    I try to handle the ball as few times as possible, so first if the feel of the ball, if it is rough to the  touch it goes in the lowest grade "practice or shag bag".  While looking for the rough to touch ball I will also sort out the balls into two additional groupings: top grade and check closer grading.  My top grade ball is Mint or AAA it is as close to new as possible..   The balls in between those two grades go into a closer look to grade them.   My AAA- are balls that may have a very small surface mark or have a small player marking, these just don't meet my top grade but are very close to the mint.  My next grade is AA these balls will have a minor surface imperfection but no cuts, scuffs, practice or xouts or no reconditioned balls.  If there are numerous surface imperfections then the balls go into my lowest "Grade A" those shag bag balls.   Again my lowest grade is A which is composed of rough to the touch,  surface marks, large player markings, practice, xouts or reconditioned balls.   I actually do have a grade below the Grade A... these are really bad balls or cut balls that go to the ranchers to use playing "cow pasture pool" .

After sorting then the balls are listed on auction, sold and shipped to players and lost again..... thus the life cycle of a recycled golf ball continues.  My only request is if you are playing the courses that we have contracts with, please use your best balls if you are going to lose them... giving me great golf balls to sell to our customers.   

Happy Golfing,    Kathy

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