A Guys Guide to Wearing Blazers with Jeans

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A Guys Guide to Wearing Blazers with Jeans

Some men remember their first blazer as a child, but long gone are the patches and gold buttons. Blazers have evolved into versatile jackets that are more casual and less structured than suit jackets. They are therefore a great way to dress up an outfit for those times that a guy just wants to wear his comfortable jeans. Denim is often considered very casual, but a carefully constructed combination of jeans with a nice blazer will make any guy look chic without sacrificing comfort. While it's certainly best to double check a dress code before wearing jeans to work or to a more formal occasion, most men will find that, with a well-tailored blazer, they can wear their favorite pair of jeans anywhere.

Blazers with Jeans for the Office

If a guy's office environment has a more casual setting, then blazers and jeans are a great, comfortable look for work. The jeans should be clean and neat, and there should be no holes in the knees or scuffing around the hems. A darker jean is always easier to wear in a more formal setting, and men should make sure that their jeans are not sagging. A dressy belt solves this problem and makes the jeans look more professional. Men should also make sure that the jeans are neither loose and baggy nor body-hugging.

The blazer should be a neutral color; choosing a blazer in one of the typical suit colors of black, gray, or navy is always a good bet. A simple blazer with few stylistic details and a good, tailored fit is the best option. This can be worn over a button-up dress shirt and worn with a tie. Because the denim dresses the outfit down a little, men can have fun with their shirt and tie, choosing colors or patterns as long as the outfit as a whole is not too flashy.


Business Casual with Blazers and Jeans

For business events that don't take place in the office, like networking events, a blazer and jeans is the perfect attire. The jeans should fit the same way that jeans for the office will fit although a stylish belt can replace a dressier one. While a button-up dress shirt and tie are still a great choice, a guy can get rid of the tie if he wants, and even swap the button-down for a polo shirt. He could also opt for a slightly more casual blazer. Instead of a blazer made out of regular suiting fabric, guys can opt for a neutral plaid or striped blazer that is not too bright or colorful.

The guy should always know the type of businesses that will be present at the event before he chooses an outfit: Smaller businesses and more creative environments will be more casual in their dress, but larger corporations will frown upon too many colors and non-traditional clothing choices. If a guy is hoping to make contacts or get a job from a networking or business event, he should remember the general rule to dress for the job he wants, not the job he has.


Jeans with a Blazer Are a Great Daytime Casual Look

When a guy just needs to run some errands or wants to grab a quick lunch, a blazer added to a pair of jeans can make the difference between sloppy and stylish. Casual jeans can be baggier and more worn than dress jeans. Most guys also like to wear comfortable tee shirts on their days off. While the wearer should not simply throw a blazer on over an undershirt, many tee shirts look great under a blazer. A tee shirt should not be skin tight, but it should also not be too baggy. Graphic tee shirts, especially band tee shirts or shirts with a well-designed image, are popular with men and are a great way for a guy to show off his personality and preferences.

With these shirts, a guy can find incredibly soft blazers made out of sweatshirt fabric. These blazers have the tailoring and shape of a blazer, but they are comfortable and aren't rigid at all. A guy wearing one of these over a graphic tee shirt will look stylish without any extra effort. Hats like a newsboy's cap can add a nice touch with this outfit. Paired with casual shoes like canvas sneakers, loafers or even flip flops, this type of outfit is perfect for looking good without much work.


How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans for an Afternoon First Date

Afternoon dates are often not as fancy as evening dates, but a guy still wants to dress to impress, especially for a first date. Men should always opt for their nicer pair of jeans for a daytime date although this doesn't mean that they will be dressing up. Choose a basic, quality tee shirt in black or another dark color: These are universally flattering, and steering clear of flashy shirts or graphic tee shirts with a strong message will make a guy more approachable. Keep it basic. V-neck shirts give the impression of being slightly dressier than a regular tee shirt. A date tee shirt can be a little snugger than a regular tee shirt, but don't get carried away.

A neutral or dark blazer will look good on any guy. Men should choose a blazer in a soft fabric that isn't too stiff, particularly for an outdoor meal or stroll in nice weather. Cotton, corduroy, suede, and flannel are all great fabrics that are comfortable and flattering. An added bonus to soft fabrics is that the guy will be comfortable, and his date may feel more inclined to get close to him.


How to Dress Up a Blazer and Jeans for a Date Night

If a guy is going out on an evening date, he will want to dress up a little more. Before choosing an outfit, a guy should always check to see if the restaurant or club has a dress code. Many nicer venues will not allow guys in sandals, shorts, or even jeans. However, if a guy wears his nicer jeans out, he is less likely to run into any problems. Guys should dress for a nice evening date similarly to how they would dress for a business casual event. A more casual button up shirt looks nice without being too formal for a date. While some guys are comfortable in ties and like the look, a tie is certainly not necessary for an evening date.

A tailored suit style blazer is always a sure bet although some guys may find it too formal. A great date blazer is one that is low-key and basic but that also has some memorable detailing. Blazers with contrasting lapels or lapel trim will be stylish without outshining his date. A more basic blazer won't clash with a date's outfit if she gets cold and needs to borrow the guy's jacket.


Jeans and Blazers for a Night Out with the Guys

If a guy plans on going out with his friends for a night of clubbing and meeting new people, then he can really express himself with a stylish blazer. Obviously, a guy looking to impress should wear nice, close-fitting jeans. Worn jeans can be very stylish, so a guy with strategically ripped and worn jeans is fine, but he needs to be careful not to look too casual. For nicer clubs, a dress shirt might be required, and it will make the guy look confident and powerful to pair a nice shirt with a tailored blazer. Guys who don't want to look too formal or who are going to a casual club can pair a casual button down shirt or a polo with a less structured blazer.

To really stand out, a guy can choose a distinctly colored blazer or a blazer with details that a woman appreciates. Colored blazers are a great option. Most guys look good and not too flashy in jewel tones like a dark green or blue. Daring guys can even try pastel blazers although these do not look good on everyone. Guys who want a subtler look can wear a neutral blazer but pair it with a patterned vest underneath.


Wearing a Blazer and Jeans to Special Events

Whether a guest at a fancy fundraiser or a night at the opera, sometimes a guy needs to really dress up a blazer and jeans. This outfit should be very similar to what he would wear at the office. However, the wearer can choose to make the outfit special and personal by choosing a stylish blazer. Blazers with shawl lapels or tuxedo styling are a great way to dress up without being boring. Guys can also look for blazers with a buttonhole for boutonnieres. This is a classy look that is formal but fun. Black blazers are always good for a special event, but contrasting lapels or lapel trim turn a plain black blazer into something special.

How to Wear a Blazer and Jeans to a Wedding

First, the guy should always check with the bride or groom to confirm the dress code. Many brides may not care what the guests are wearing, but a guy doesn't want to feel underdressed, and no guy wants to risk a bride's wrath. Nice jeans are best, of course, paired with a nice button-up shirt. The shirt can be patterned or colored, and a tie is not necessary. A great type of blazer for a wedding is a light-colored style. Light colors like whites, tans, or even pastels, reflect the mood of a wedding, and a guy will appear dressed up without being too somber or serious.

Weddings are also the perfect opportunity to go for the classic blazer style complete with traditional patches and gold buttons. Blazers with buttonholes are great for weddings, although a guy planning on wearing a boutonniere should make sure he won't match those worn by the wedding party. The wearer should sport a sleek dress shoe that is clean and without scuffs. A bright pocket square is a great way to top off a wedding outfit of jeans and a blazer.


Finding Blazers and Jeans on eBay

It is easy for a guy to find the perfect jeans and blazers on eBay. When searching for jeans, men can sort eBay's selection by designer, size, inseam, price, and buying format. Wearers looking for more casual jeans can even choose to browse through only distressed jeans, but other washes, including light, medium, dark, indigo, and black or gray, are also filter options. Men can also sort the jeans on eBay by style, so whether a guy wants a slim fit, a boot cut, or a fit that is baggy and loose, he can quickly sort through his options with the click of a button.

A guy looking for blazers can also sort through his options by size, price, designer, and condition. He can choose whether he wants to see one-button, two-button, three-button, or four-button blazers. He can also sort by fabric, so a guy looking for a casual blazer can opt to only see the blazers made from corduroy. Guys can also sort blazers by color, so a guy wanting a styling and daring blazer can choose the colors or patterns he wants from the left navigation menu.



The point of a blazer is to elevate more casual outfits without appearing overdressed. No matter what the occasion may be, there will be a jeans and blazer outfit that will fit. Guys who want to look classy wherever they go should invest in a few good pairs of jeans and a few good blazers. They will be surprised at just how versatile these pieces can be. A few key pieces will go a long way towards making a guy look great and feel great at any event that he attends.

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