A Guide to having someone sell your items. Quick list!!

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The purpose of this guide is to help new users make informed decisions when selecting a third party or picking someone else to sell thier items on ebay.  This is a down and dirty quick reference guide.

The advantages of using a third party Ebay seller are most appropriate for people with busy or hectic schedules, seniors, new mothers and those who prefer not to deal with computers. 

When selecting a seller to to represent you on Ebay, there are some important things to consider.  I have broken this down to an easy check list that you can print and follow when making your choice:

1.  Search for sellers in your area.  This is crucial in being able to transport you items to their location.  Try to deal only with people that will let you bring your stuff to their location so you are not stuck storing it.  The point is to get it out of the way, right?

2.  Read the sellers feedback, Bio, Ebay page, blogs and whatever else they have listed.  NOTE:  Don't just read feedback left to them, read what feedback they have left for others.  This can be very telling about how they operate.

3.  Set up a meeting with prospective sellers.  Remember: bigger isn't always better.  While power sellers may have the numbers, you may get lost in the shuffle.  Consider smaller sellers with a smaller clientele list but great track records.  Bonus: These sellers often take less of a commission.

4.  Have prices set on what is the least you will accept for an item.  Remember that even though it is Grandma's milk pitcher that has been in the family for years, intrinsic value does not translate well on Ebay.  Be realistic about the worth of your items.  Do some research on the internet when setting prices and try to be competitive.

5.  Set up a business plan.  How and when do you get paid.  Who pays what fees?  What is the sellers commission?  Compare several sellers if possible.

6.  Put it writing.  Always make a binding written agreement between you and the seller.  If they refuse, don't use them.

This is a short down and dirty list but effective.  If you have any questions or needs please contact me Dignit1966. 

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