A Guide For New Ebayers

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A Guide For New Ebayers
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So, this is your first time on ebay. And you are just caught up. well trust me, I am still there, but I have learned some important tips on how to get around on ebay.

1) DO NOT make impulse buys. Some items may be fake or have incorrect descriptions. Check the seller feedback.

2) DO contact your seller. Any questions you have are imporant. Don't worry about being rude, sellers will understand that you are just trying to make a safe buy.

3) DO NOT buy from huge sellers who may have hundred thousandss of bad reviews. I've done this- there were so many more good reviews I thought the thousands of bad reviews wouldn't matter. For a good example of a big seller, see designerathletic- they are not the ones I have mentioned, but they are a big seller and a good example.

4) DO use My Ebay. Watching items can be very useful if you are new to  Ebay and are exploring, wanting to buy everything.  My ebay is very useful as it lets you see all the items you like and compare them, as well as organize them by prices and time left.

5) And finally, DO NOT get so caught up in eBay you forget everything else. I've spent hours surfing, and then wondering where my time went. Be careful- its addicting!

i hope this has helped, and happy eBaying! 

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