5 Uses for Portable Solar Chargers

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5 Uses for Portable Solar Chargers

Anyone who relies on electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops can find plenty of ways to use portable solar chargers. These handy devices provide convenient, efficient, on-the-go charging for a variety of devices and eliminate the need to carry spare batteries. The best part of all is that they offer an eco-friendly way to keep devices charged while out and about.

About Portable Solar Chargers

Thanks to advances in solar technology, portable solar chargers are more affordable and effective than ever. Unlike other portable charging devices, which typically have to be charged up at home, portable solar chargers' power reserves can be replenished by energy from the sun. Therefore, they come very much in handy in situations where there is little or no access to power outlets for long periods of time.

Portable solar chargers range from very simple devices to models that include multiple outlets and elaborate cases and stands. To find the right portable solar charger, consider how and where it will be used. For everyday use, a basic model should suffice. For long camping trips and other excursions, a more elaborate model may be in order.

What Kinds of Items can be Charged with a Portable Solar Charger?

People use portable solar chargers to keep all kinds of devices powered up and ready to go. A few examples include:


Portable solar chargers can be used to keep smartphones and cellphones powered up throughout the day. This is especially convenient for on-the-go people who may not have consistent access to power outlets.


Many portable solar chargers are equipped to keep laptops and tablets running for several hours at a time. Some chargers only have USB ports, though, so always check first.

MP3 Player

Enjoy uninterrupted music on MP3 players while out and about with a portable solar charger. This is an especially good option for long days at the beach, camping trips, and other excursions.


In-car GPS units can be plugged in and kept powered up without any trouble. When they're used outside of a car, though, their batteries drain quickly. This could be disastrous in isolated areas, and portable solar chargers keep this problem at bay.


Nothing is more disappointing than realizing that a camera's battery has died long before an event or outing is over. By keeping portable solar chargers on hand, photographers never have to worry about missing great opportunities.

5 Helpful Uses for Portable Solar Chargers

Because they've become so much more affordable and effective, portable solar chargers are practical options for a variety of situations.

1. Emergency Power

Most people who buy portable solar chargers do so to have extra power on hand in the event of an emergency. The best way to use a charger in this way is by charging it up completely before storing it. Whether it's kept in a vehicle, a backpack, an RV, or in some other location, it will be ready to go in the event that an electronic device needs extra power. If the portable charger runs out of power, just put it out in the sun to replenish its reserves.

2. Camping and Hiking

People typically go camping and hiking to get away from it all, but that doesn't mean that electronic devices should be left at home. Smartphones and other devices come in handy during emergencies, and GPS units make navigation much easier. None of those devices will do any good if they run out of power, and portable solar chargers are optimal solutions.

3. Traveling in Remote Locations

It pays to be ready for anything. When traveling in far-flung, remote locations, access to power outlets may be limited or nonexistent. Even if it's never used, knowing that a portable solar charger is available is quite reassuring.

4. Boating and Sailing

Sure, many boats have power outlets that can be used to charge electronic devices. Simpler boats, like sailboats, don't. Besides, what if power to the boat is lost? A portable solar charger can be used in a pinch and could mean the difference between being able to call for help and being stranded.

5. Everyday Use

On-the-go people often struggle to keep their tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices powered up throughout the day. Portable solar chargers offer an environmentally friendly solution. Many models are lightweight and streamlined enough to be carried around for hours on end without any trouble.

Finding Portable Solar Chargers on eBay

To find portable solar chargers on eBay, start in the Electronics category and then continue to theCell Phones & Accessories subcategory. From there, click on the Cell Phone Chargers & Cradles section. Check the Solar Power Charger box from the menu on the left, and then start browsing listings.

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