3 Teenage gift Ideas

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Fragrance/Lotions Sets
Who doesn't like to smell good? As a teen you always want to smell good and look good, so you can never go wrong with body sprays and or lotion sets. You can buy items individually and create your own gift baskets adding in other things like candy, or you can purchase pre made gift baskets with stuff already in them making your life a little easier.
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Battery Pack cell phone charger
What teenager these days don't love their cell phones? Battery pack chargers for cell phones are awesome. It gives you the chance to charge your cell phones while your out and about and not local to a wall outlet. Every been to disneyland and your phone is about to die half way through the day from all the pictures you've been snapping? Pull out the battery pack charge up your phone while you ride rides, walk the park, or even eat. Best part you can still fully use your device while it charges. 
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Gift Cards
Yes easy, but you can never go wrong with money. Gift cards are more of a gift than straight cash and with a gift card you guarantee the person spends the money on them selves at that place. Wish cash it gives people the option to spend the money on something like eating out or maybe school supplies which isn't something you would actually give them as a gift. You can also get them a few different gift cards in smaller amounts to give them a bit of variety. Also instead of just throwing the gift card into a card, you can jazz them up by making a candy bouquet and putting the gift card in them, or even wrapping them in cute boxes. 
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