Being a Mary Kay Consultant: 3 Things You Need to Know

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Being a Mary Kay Consultant: 3 Things You Need To Know

Are you thinking about becoming a Mary Kay Consultant?

If so, there are three things that you need to know about the "Mary Kay Opportunity" before you sign on the dotted line. While the three things I'm about to tell you are outlined in the literature that the company produces, you may likely never see this information until after you have joined. Why? Because neither the company nor the woman who is trying to get you to join Mary Kay wants you to pay much attention to these details.

Before you sign that Mary Kay Consultant Agreement, be aware of these three things about the business.

1. You will be encouraged to purchase inventory.

Although women are told that the Starter Kit is the ONLY thing they need to purchase in order to become a Mary Kay consultant, watch out. Most women find that after they sign their agreement and get their Starter Kit, they are soon required to make a "decision" about Inventory.

Inventory means lots and lots of Mary Kay products to have on your shelves at home. The logic presented to prospective Mary Kay ladies is that with lots of inventory on their shelves, they are able to fill orders quickly and thus make their customers very happy.

It's not uncommon for women to be convinced into buying anywhere from $1800.00 to $3600.00 worth of inventory in their first few days or weeks as a Consultant, before they have even sold a thing nor have started building a customer base.

Consultants are told that if they decide to quit selling Mary Kay, they can receive a 90% refund of the cost of this inventory. But that 10% can still be a substantial loss.

Another thing to consider is that Mary Kay changes their products on a regular basis. Items are discontinued, reformulated and repackaged. Suddenly Consultants realize that they have hundreds of dollars of discontinued merchandise on their shelves that is difficult to sell. On top of that, they are encouraged to purchase lots of the new products for their inventory.

BOTTOM LINE: Be aware and don't be talked into spending hundreds of dollars. And whatever you do, DON'T take out a loan just to buy inventory. The reality is that you don't sell more just because you have items on your shelves, and you will find that most customers are more than happy to wait a week or so for their products. In fact, some prefer it!

2. The only way you move up in Mary Kay is by recruiting others into the company.

It's true. You could sell $100,000 worth of Mary Kay in a year and you still won't be a director. Why? Because sales has absolutely nothing to do with moving up in the Mary Kay hierarchy. The only way to advance yourself toward directorship is to recruit others into the Mary Kay business. And even after they have signed their agreement, those people you recruit must still purchase a certain amount of inventory or they won't count.

In order to be a Mary Kay Sales Director, you have to build your "team" (the women you recruit into the business) to 30 members AND your team has to have a minimum amount of inventory ordered from the company in a certain amount of time.

BOTTOM LINE: Moving up in Mary Kay is based on your wholesale orders of product from the company. It has nothing to do with your actual sales to customers.

3. Those Pink Cadillacs aren't free.

Are you excited about the prospect of winning that Mary Kay Pink Cadillac? Well, before you get too excited, you need to know a few things.

First of all, you don't "win" that Pink Cadillac because of how much product you have sold. The ONLY way you win a car is by signing up others under you to sell Mary Kay.

The people you recruit into Mary Kay become your team members. Once you and your team members have recruited enough people into the company (and ordered enough inventory) then you become a Sales Director. But in order to get that Pink Cadillac, you and your team have to order A LOT of Mary Kay products from the company over a specified period of time.

If you manage to reach that level, you will be rewarded with the USE of a Pink Cadillac. That's right: the use of it. It isn't yours. The Pink Cadillac is leased to you by the company for two years.

Here's the most important part: The amount you pay in lease payment to Mary Kay Corp. each month depends guessed much Mary Kay products your team has ordered from the company that month. If your team orders enough, you don't have a lease payment that month. But if you fall short, you will have to make a lease payment to the company, and that payment is on a graduated scale based on the amount of product your team ordered.

BOTTOM LINE: There are no "free cars" in Mary Kay and the lease on a Mary Kay car can be much more expensive than getting your own car lease -- in many ways.

I hope that if you or someone you know are considering becoming a Mary Kay consultant that you take the time to ask lots of questions and get all the information.

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