2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Shortprints

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This guide lists the shortprints in 2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball as well as defines what a shortprint is for users who may be unfamiliar with the term.

What is a Shortprint (SP)?

A sports card is considered to be shortprinted if it was limited in production or if the card was originally not intended to be released yet was inadvertently inserted into one or more packs.  The first and most infamous shortprint is the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card, one of the most legendary baseball cards ever created.   Honus Wagner objected to smoking and requested that his card be pulled from all packs of cigarettes.  One of the most recent high profile shortprints was the 2006 Topps Alex Gordon rookie card which made its way into a few packs even though Topps pulled the card from production because Alex Gordon was not yet eligible for his card to be produced.

History of Topps Turkey Red Baseball

Topps Turkey Red cards were originally released in 1911.  As part of its ongoing campaign to release products that duplicate some of baseball's most popular cards of yesteryear, Topps  has released products like Bowman Heritage and Topps Turkey Red.  Topps Turkey Red Baseball was one of 2005's hottest products for both modern and vintage sports card collectors, and it looks like this year will be another outstanding product.  Base cards start with #316, continuing from last year’s set.

2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Shortrpints

Topps has released the official short print (SP) list, by card number, for the recently-released 2006 Topps Turkey Red Baseball.  Topps has also disclosed that the checklist does not incorporate short printed cards within any of the colored parallel sets. Short prints, along with a handful of variations, are inserted at a rate of 1:4 packs. Here are the short prints/variations (featuring card #s 316-630):

316 Alex Rodriguez Texas Rangers
316 Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners
317 Jeff Francoeur Atlanta Braves
325 Magglio Ordonez Chicago White Sox
332 Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins
338 Jake Peavy San Diego Padres
339 Carlos Delgado New York Mets
339 Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays
343 Richie Sexson Milwaukee Brewers
348 Preston Wilson Florida Marlins
350 Ichiro Seattle Mariners
351 Mike Piazza New York Mets
357 Chris Shelton Detroit Tigers
358 Chone Figgins Los Angeles Angels
364 J.J. Hardy Milwaukee Brewers
375 Derrek Lee Chicago Cubs
390 Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals
392 Morgan Ensberg Houston Astros
395 Greg Maddux Chicago Cubs
400 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants
405 Johnny Damon New York Yankees
410 Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves
411 Jhonny Peralta Cleveland Indians
416 Josh Beckett Boston Red Sox
418 Noah Lowry San Francisco Giants
422 Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
430 David Ortiz Boston Red Sox
430 David Ortiz Minnesota Twins
444 Jose Reyes New York Mets
449 Nick Swisher Oakland Athletics
450 Derek Jeter New York Yankees
451 Scott Kazmir Tampa Bay Devil Rays
455 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners
459 Xavier Nady San Diego Padres
460 Randy Johnson Houston Astros
465 Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies
466 Tim Salmon Los Angeles Angels
467 Mark Buehrle Chicago White Sox
476 Nick Johnson Washington Nationals
476 Nick Johnson New York Yankees
481 Ryan Madson Philadelphia Philles
489 Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies
493 Tadahito Iguchi Chicago White Sox
497 Jorge Cantu Tampa Bay Devil Rays
501 Alfonso Soriano Washington Nationals
501 Alfonso Soriano New York Yankees
508 Tim Hudson Oakland Athletics
521 Ervin Santana Los Angeles Angels
524 Adrian Gonzalez San Diego Padres
528 Joe Crede Chicago White Sox
532 Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals
535 Mark Teixeira Texas Rangers
541 Ronny Cedeno Chicago Cubs
561 Livan Hernandez San Francisco Giants
565 Jonny Gomes Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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