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Hello friends, I would like to give some info on buying a tdi, I know nothing about gasums. I own a dealership that sells nothing but diesels car's and trucks. 1st thing these cars are great fuel economy wonderful simple little car. Performance is a surprise since it is only a 90 horse power car but high in torque. Very reliable cars if they have been taken care of. Be prepared to spend at least 500 to 800.00 dollars on one if you are a perfectionist after the buy. The Tdi's made in 1999 TO 2000 Had a timing belt that only lasted 60,000 miles BUT THE 2003 STARTED THE 100K MILES ON A TIMING BELT. , but after service you can upgrade to the 100,000 mile timing belt. If you go cheap and don't have a dealer do the service make sure you have done all rollers, clean intake from carbon, water pump since they are right there and really important do cam seal and Craftshaft seal. Some don't do this its a no no!! Make sure you find a mechanic that knows a Tdi. Trust me if you are new to diesel's a gasum lover will jack one up in a heart beat. Comfort is good with these cars as long as its one or 2 people in the car. Any more is stuffed. If you are looking for a car to do car seats for babies watch out it will be cramped and when the graduate to a larger car seat they will be kicking you in the back... time for spanking...well time out .. haha. So comfort is great for 2 any more is cramped. These cars will last a long time since they are diesel but it is key to have timing belt service and all services up. You should only use Mobil one full synthetic 5w 40 don't us any other weight or Rotella regular will clog motor and build carbon up on intake. The 5 speeds seem to get better fuel economy. When you buy a diesel you should be buying one for at least 7 years then after that it pays you to drive it. the Tdi's aren't like diesel truck its like a diesel Rolex you must up keep them to last. German craftsmanship made in Mexico. I have seen one car (tdi )with 649,000 miles on it without a rebuild on the motor. If you can settle for a small interior and up keep then this is your car. Good luck to you diesels lovers.
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