2 Quick Ways To Get More Bids - eBay Seller Information

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I do not claim to be an expert but there are 2 quick ways we produce more bids on our items and more sales due to second chance offers. 

1 List Your Item With Meta Tags

Yes, this is a fast way to supercharge your listing.  eBay is just a big search engine like google, yahoo, or msn, and yes it checks for meta tags in your ebay listings.  Please run search in google for more information on what meta tags are and how to use them in a webpage, you can add them the same way to your ebay listings and people searching ebay will be more likely to find your item due to your recent changes!


2 Use A Lower Starting Bid

eBay is a large enough site that if you list an item that truly is worth the starting price, it will receive a winning bidder.  However, if you list your item with a starting price of half of its true value, you will receive many more bids due to the low price, curiosity, and then due to the bids that are already there.  Yes, if your item gets bids early on it is more likely to extra bids at the end, people are funny like that I guess.


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