1st Edition Pokemon Cards, The Machamp Story

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1st Edition Pokemon Cards, The Machamp Story
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First edition base set Pokemon card holographics (the original 16, and when this was written) on average are about 50$ per card. Charizard is the obvious exception and is worth about $100. The other exception is Machamp, which is worth about 1.50-3$. Why is this? Let's explore.

Did you ever notice how every Machamp you have seen from The Pokemon TCG Base set is a first edition?
Go ahead, do a search for a base set Machamp card, I bet every one you see is first edition.
They printed over 1 million copies of these in the first round of Pokemon Cards, and its because they came with the 2 Player Starter Set. Yes, every Machamp in those sets was a 1st edition.

This does not make the card worthless, simply because these are the Machamp cards, and it is a legitimate first edition. If you want a Machamp first edition these are the ones, just dont convince yourself they are overly rare AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

Dont let yourself get fooled by sellers trying to convince you that you will be getting a first edition base set card thats worth a ton when really its just a Machamp, something I currently have 3 of.
I see it happen. I see sellers trying to sell their deck as having first editions, but its RARELY anything other than Machamp unless its from a different set.

There really isn't much else to say about the first edition thats not-so-rare.

So lets just recap, Machamp first editions are NOT as rare as other first editions, and therefore are NOT as expensive. Don't be fooled. Be observant. Ask the seller questions.

This Machamp is from the same set, but it is Shadowless. It means it could have been printed during the other cards' 1st Edition Printing or shortly after before they added in the shadow around the border of the portrait. These are the closest thing to a "real" first edition Machamp. Refer to the picture below. The left is a Shadowless, and the one on the right is not.

Notice how the colors on the "newer" one are more saturated while the Shadowless looks almost muted.

Take a look at the shadow underneath the portrait on the one on the right.

Also, the colors are less saturated and more muted in a shadowless.

And finally, the "HP" text is less bold and also more muted in color in the Shadowless.

Good luck!

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