1964-D Jefferson Nickel Rarity

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1964-D Jefferson Nickel Rarity
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A rarity that can be easily overlooked is the 1964-D Jefferson Nickel, Breen #2758.  It's listed as the 1964-D PLURI D US, Very Scarce.  

In 1964 the U.S. Mint polished and reworked the reverse die to remove die clash marks (marks that may appear after the obverse and reverse dies have contacted each other when there was no planchet to receive the respective strike). 

Despite the good intentions of removing the clash marks, mint workers polished the reverse die field to the extent that the center of the B  in PLURIBUS was polished off.  Thus, it appears as PLURIDUS instead of PLURIBUS. 

Additionally, the R and I are far apart and the right uprights of U's are thin. 

Reviewing an unsearched bag of 5000 common Jeffersons yielded one of this variety.

The sweet part of this story is that you will most likely find one of these in your pocket change rather than in a dealer's bargain box.  So, you probably won't have to put out a lot of money.  Just rummage through the change that you receive day to day and check out all of the 1964 D nickels.  Then look at the motto on the reverse.

As soon as I get a photo of mine, I'll post it here for you to review.  Check this out from time to time.

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Byron Behrens

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