1953 and 1963 $2 Golden, Yellow, or Orange Seal Notes

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1953 and 1963 $2 Golden, Yellow, or Orange Seal Notes
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Poeple are constantly advertising 1953 and 1963 two dollar bills with RARE Gold, Yellow, or orange seals. These notes have been tampered with! The United States government has NEVER produced a two dollar bill with a gold, yellow, or orange seal, with the exception of the Hawaii and North Africa Notes. These notes are regular red seal notes that have been exposed to chemical fumes which react with the red ink in the seals and serial numbers changing the color. People typically sell these to new or inexperienced collectors at highly inflated prices. An honest seller will NEVER mislead you. If it the listing does not say altered or something to that effect, they are trying to take you! Save your money and buy an original red seal. I've had sellers get very angry with me when questioning these items. Buyer beware! Don't let it happen to you!

Report any auction that may advertise a yellow or gold seal as a rare note! This is intentionally decieving with intent to profit. Check with ebay to see if the seller is in violation of policy. If it is not mentioned that this is or once was a red seal that has been faded or altered, they should be in violation. Don't give your money away for these*rare* notes. The yellow or gold seal is worth face value to any collector. I learned the hard way when I started and I hate to see it happen to others. 

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