12 things you can sell on eBay Today!!!

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If you ask many sellers what the major drawbacks to selling on eBay are then many would say the packaging and shipping of items. Who really wants to get up early in the morning before work to drop off a package at the post office? Or, to come home and have to rush to the post office in the freezing cold? Many sellers are now resorting to selling eBooks but that market is becoming over crowded and it’s very difficult to make any real money selling eBooks on eBay. In this guide I reveal innovative products or services you can sell on eBay without packaging or shipping and it’s NOT eBooks.

Innovative Idea #1 – Sell Domain Names Domain names can be bought for under $10 and if you manage to choose one that is in demand then you could go and sell it on eBay for $20 or more. You can easily locate these domains just by testing. It requires very little effort and sometimes you stumble upon hidden gems that you could go and sell on eBay for four figures!
Innovative Idea #2 – Sell Your Writing Services The demand for eBooks and articles has never been greater. Many people want these written for them and if you have expert knowledge in a particular niche you could write eBooks on that subject for the highest bidder.
Innovative Idea #3 – Sell Your Graphic Design Ability On the same lines as selling your writing services, you could sell your graphic design ability or web design skills. You could design eCovers, banners or websites to the highest bidder. You could learn these skills in just a few days and all you really need is a copy of Photoshop and maybe some action scripts.

Innovative Idea #5 – Sell Linking Space or Advertising Space on Your Website or in Your Newsletter Perhaps the method that requires the least effort is selling linking space or advertising space. If you have a website with high amounts of traffic or a high Google page rank, then you could sell links or space on your website for adverts. A one way link is very important in terms of search engine ranking and your link could greatly benefit your buyer. You could charge perhaps $10 for a link for one month. After the sale you could then ask the buyer if they would like to buy the link on a monthly basis and they can pay you $10 every month. This is great for residual income. Similarly, you could sell advertising space in your newsletter or ezine. If you have a large subscription base then you could charge a lot of money for this. For even more money, you could charge buyers for a solo ad to your subscribers. You could promote their product in one of your newsletters and you could easily charge 10c for every subscriber you have.
Innovative Idea #6 – Sell Software There have been many software products which have taken eBay by storm over the last few months. Some sellers make thousands of dollars per week selling software that they have created or have had created for them. You can hire software developers from websites such as elance.com or rentacoder.com to develop the product and then you sell it. The software should speed up a process or take over from a manual task that needs doing or assist the user in some way, whether it be helping them research better or create things quicker.

Innovative Idea #7 – Sell Keyword Lists One person I know has a lot of success creating keyword lists and selling them on eBay. The beautiful thing is you can use software to create keyword lists in seconds and then sell them to your buyers.
Innovative Idea #8 – Sell Websites It’s not hard to build websites nowadays and there are many that you could build. You could build one with the primary source of income being adsense and affiliate sales and you could build another purely for sales of products. You can build these types of sites in under a day or hire someone else to do them for you and then sell them for $20 - $30 on eBay.
Innovative Idea #9 – Sell Your Manual Services and Skills There are many things you could do for this innovative idea. Firstly, you could manually submit people’s articles to article directories, you could post on their blog, you could submit their site to directories or you could do the whole site promotion for them.

Innovative Idea #10 – Sell Website and Auction Templates You could design and sell templates to your auction buyers, particularly auction templates. This is an area that few people are currently exploiting and you could easily take advantage of this gap in the market.
Innovative Idea #11 – Sell Wholesale and Dropshipping Lists This method has proved to be very profitable for me when selling on eBay. It’s simple to set up wholesale lists aswell. Firstly, you need to join a wholesaler’s directory. Once you have joined, decide on a topic to base your wholesale list. For example, DVD’s or clothes etc. Once you have decided, compile all the wholesale sources from that directory related to the category you chose into a Microsoft Word document. Let’s say for your wholesale list subject you chose DVD’s. Many sellers would be inclined to list their item with the auction title “The Ultimate DVD Wholesale List 2006”. But that method doesn’t work. Very few people search for the keyword, DVD, and even if that keyword was searched regularly, you would still be up against HUGE competition. You need to focus your marketing! Choose a high profile newly released movie and include that in your auction title. For example, “The Da Vinci Code at Wholesale Prices” Many buyers wil be looking to buy that product and would be desperate to find a way to save money somewhere along the lines. You could also put the auction title “The Da Vinci Code – 80% Off” but only if you have numerical data to prove it. Constantly change the auction title to keep up with the new movies and use the eBay pulse to determine which movies are searched for the most. Always feature your wholesale list auction and play around with different auction titles. Once you have one wholesale list ready for sale, you can move onto creating another one.

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