12 Games that Make Me Want an Xbox 360

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Games I Want

1) Perfect Dark Zero
This game has been highly acclaimed and is considered the "Halo" of the 360. With so many weapons, a very good storyline, awesome sound, great graphics, and an awesome multiplayer; you owe it to yourself to try it out.

2) Burnout Revenge
Just the thought of playing a suped-up version of Burnout on High Definition TV makes me giggle with glee. The advantage is that I have not yet played Revenge and with the all new destruction physics, sound, music, graphics, and feel; I think I am going to love it.

3) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Now I know that this is also coming out for the PC but I just love the thought of sitting on a couch with 10+ of my friends staring in awe as I play this majestically beautiful game. On the plus side, you don't need to [possibly] upgrade your graphics card if you have an Xbox 360.

4) Amped 3
I know I am going to get some frowns for this but Amped 3 is well, basically what I have been waiting for all this time from an "Extreme Sports" game. Aside from the ever-growing Tony Hawk series, nothing comes up close but this blows all the current and previous Tony Hawk releases. With its awesome graphics, sublime soundtrack, and very bizzare/interesting story; there isn't much to hate. Plus, since it is snowboarding, the replay value is upped by 100%.

5) Kameo: Elements of Power
I have heard a lot of mixed things about this game and that is besides the point. If you know me, you know that I change my mind a lot and am not the kind of guy who likes to make decisions on the spot. I always like to sit for a while and weigh out every possible facet. As of right now, I want to play this and tomorrow, my opinion may be different but that doesn't matter since I know that deep down, I will always want to play this. I tried the demo for this at Walmart and I was not impressed. It's one of those games you need to give time and I was just in too much of a hurry. it looks so intriguing.

Games I Want to Rent

1) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter
Unless I have a good enough PC, I would rent this for the thrill of playing it. From the sound of it, it has the best graphics on the Xbox 360 so far.

2) Fight Night Round 3
Unless it is below $20.00, I will only rent this since I played the demo at a friend's house and compared to Fight Night Round 2, which I loved from experience, is way too slow. Sure, it looks realistic but almost all the knockout punches are the same... I don't know if this was because of the demo or what. Sure, some of the animations are great and the shorts look and move realistically but, meh.

3) The Outfit
I see it as one of those games you may enjoy for about a day or two and then you've seen all there is to see. The problem with PC games is that you can't rent them so all consoles have an advantage for that. Albeit this having good graphics, I just don't know what to think.

4) Saint's Row
This is a GTA-clone that seems to, at the moment, surpass GTA in every aspect. Varied missions, customizable cars, rag doll physics(always a plus with me), customizable soundtrack already backed by a great one, and awesome graphics. GTA cannot be blamed for not having great graphics but what I am saying is that they are slightly cartoonish. Saint's Row is the totally opposite, realistic. And when vehicles blow up and helicopters explode, you actually see the charred bodies fall/fly out.

5) Condemned: Criminal Origins
Boy is this game short, or so I've heard. It is coming out for the PC but why waste a good $50.00 on it NEW when you can rent it for about $10.00? Nonetheless, I hear that it is great and very invigorating. Once you beat it, you feel like when you did after you beat Max Payne 2 (complete.)

6) Full Auto
I love racing games where you blow stuff up, worth a try. I don't know too much about this one other than the back-tracking time thing.

Keeping my eye on: Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
I was never much for airplane sims and especially not for modern jet fighter sims. I just think that they are too fast paced. When I got my hands on Janes World War Two Planes for PC, I just could not stop playing. I thought it was the best thing in the world. i am just a sucker for WWII airplane games and so far, this one looks very promising.

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