1/400 Lindberg HMS Hood

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1/400 Lindberg HMS Hood
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This is more of a review than a guide.

If you're looking for accuracy and detail in a large scale Hood then you may want to overlook this one. It's very light on detail and the model represents the Hood at various stages of her life all rolled into one. I recommend the Heller for 1/400 or the Trumpeter for 1/350.

If you're looking for a large scale Hood that's easy to build and not too heavy on detail then this might be for you. This model is a good place to start for beginners or if you want to practice filling and sanding. There are plenty of flaws that are easy to fix like dimples and gaps. The parts are large enough that young novices won't have a problem handling them. Also, the large parts and lack of detail make it easy to mask and paint this model if you choose to airbrush or spray paint it (Tamiya recommended). If you're lucky enough to get hold of an older version, it will have a motor and mechanism to turn the propeller, rotate and elevate the main guns... very cool.

All in all, this isn't a terrible kit, mostly just inaccurate and plain. But a youngster will enjoy building it and will probably be proud of it when complete.

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