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Saints Row 2  (PC, 2009)
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PC Saints Row 2 NEW Sealed REGION FREE East Side West Side
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Saints Row 2 PC Perfect Guaranteed
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Product Information
THQ and developer Volition's answer to Grand Theft Auto returns for another over-the-top outing with Saints Row 2. After being betrayed by your former crew and left to whither away in a vegetative state, you awaken with a singular purpose: to reclaim your territory one brick at a time. The setting is once again the fictitious city of Stilwater, where you'll rebuild the Saints gang and eliminate all rivals who dare lay claim to your turf. You'll now be able to customize your character in an assortment of ways, from modifying his (or her) appearance to decorating "cribs" to acquiring the latest and greatest in criminal couture. The action is viewed from a third-person perspective as you explore a free-roaming city filled with vehicles, pedestrians, and police officers. Weapons range from high-powered tools of destruction, such as a mini-gun, rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and flame-thrower, to offbeat armaments like a stun gun, chainsaw, and defibrillator.

Previous visitors to Stilwater will notice the city has undergone several community-wide changes. Stilwater has grown in size and offers more things to see and do. The powerful Ultor Corporation has spent a considerable fortune in revitalizing the once stagnant city, and the business will become as much a hostile threat as the rival gangs you're looking to remove from power. New modes of transportation include motorcycles, boats, and aircraft. In addition to the main storyline, which features over 40 missions, Saints Row 2 includes various activities and "diversions" that involve racing, drug trafficking, going on rampages, and more. Combat also offers more options, from using human shields to firing weapons with precision targeting. The latter's "fine aim" technique switches the default perspective to an over-the-shoulder view. Saints Row 2 further distinguishes itself by including two-player cooperative action throughout the main campaign as well as competitive multiplayer modes via Internet.

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Product Identifiers
GameSaints Row 2
UPC4005209113212, 752919493373

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Content, Strong language, Use of Drugs
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Release Year2009
Game Special Features
  • Explore the city by motorcycle, helicopter, jet ski, and more

  • Features over 100 interior locations

  • Includes two-player cooperative support for the main campaign

  • Game SeriesSaints Row Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID66199823

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    Created: 11/04/09

    Saints Row 2 for pc

    what a excellent game for a change!
    i like it much, same features as gta sandreas, sandbox & open world,
    and a real system hog but if you have a high gaming pc that shouldnt be a problem,

    if not, you should skip this game since its ugly on lower resolution..
    theres few bugs here & there, nothing that stopped me from enjoying it.
    the multiplayer with gamespy suck literally because its was made for console and and was just "ported to pc" thats why its so bugged.

    for some people the game crash at start when a generic generic gamepad is plugged (easy o solve with xbox360 gamepad emulator)
    for others the menu selector row goes on endless roll,
    this game need a graphic card which support shader 3.0 without this u wont be
    able to run it.

    the only cons i have so far against is
    you cant choose or adjust your characters height,
    the antialiasing when on, make the frame rate by seconds (fps)
    dropped to 15 which is pretty bad since u need at least 30-40 fps to have stable gameplay,

    the other bad thing is STEAM,i like my game freed of steam,
    they force your hand by binding you to them, their digital downloads are
    outrageously expensive and they have absolutely no support nor they seem to care about "their" customers, the only answer you will ever have from them is an automatically system generated answer..

    nonetheless for those ones lucky who can run it on their pc have fun!
    as for the others fans which really want this game,
    go get it for your ps3 or xbox360, thats will save you from a nasty headache!

    theme: excellent
    gameplay: good
    solo: excellent
    multiplayer: poor
    stability: medium
    details: excellent
    gamepad support: poor
    Steam: BAD

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    Created: 09/06/09

    Decent port but better on the XBox 360

    I wanted to get this because I wanted to play it without having to deal with achievements. With that said, I got it and played it on my PC. Needless to say that this port would run with a better video card. It starts off with distortion and time lags. It's a major pain when you have to play and have to wait a few seconds for the game to catch up. I also don't like to use the keyboard/mouse combo because that's more for shooters. In this case, programming my controller was a pain also. I wanted to match it up with the 360 controls but it was harder to that than sitting through lags. The game itself is definitely worth getting but if you want it on the PC, better make sure you have at least a quad processor and a great video card. Otherwise, you'll get the same problems like I did.

    Pros: The game is very good, despite the drawbacks on my PC.

    Cons: Lag time if you have a PC less the preferred requirements, and if you are not a keyboard/mouse gamer, be aware that you will need at least a 12-button controller or better.

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    Created: 09/29/10


    Saints row 2 is amazing! The graphics may not look as realistic as most games, but the story line is a blast. Its hard to stop playing this game as you work your way back up to top gang, customize your cars and buy clothes.

    The best part by far is playing coop with a friend and rip through town playing missions, or just causing havoc.

    The only thing I don't like is you can only have 1 person join in co-op.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 06/02/12

    Good times, only for a short while.

    No, I would not recommend this product.

    -A big world to discover
    -Plenty of missions to do.
    -Missions range from chaotic fun, to story driven.
    -It does not feel repetative like I thought it would.
    -I nice GTA feel to it, without being an exact clone.

    -I see it borrow many mechanics and devices from GTA
    -I wish it would have been a little more fast paced with getting all the weapons and unlocks.
    -Inventory of the amount of weapons you can carry is limited.

    This game is fun, and it will hold you over until GTA 5, or whatever the next is called. I enjoyed playing it with all the crazy chaotic humor that comes with this type of game, but in the end after I got used to it, it became boring. The story did not interest me as much as the developer wanted mainly because it was just another thug stoy with no heart.

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    Created: 05/12/10

    It'll do.

    Seeing as I was already familiar with the title, when I got it and had to play it with the minimum pc installation requirements, I was not mad, the first time I had it I never got a chance to play the whole game, this should make up for that.

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