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LG enV Touch VX11000
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LG enV Touch VX11000 - Black silver (Verizon) Cellular Phone

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New LG EnV Touch VX11000 Black Silver Verizon Cellular Phone No Contract
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99.3% positive feedback
Northbrook, IL, USA
New LG EnV Touch VX11000 Black Silver Verizon Cellular Phone No Contract
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Verizon LG VX11000 EnV Touch Cellular Phone
Manufacturer refurbished
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99.3% positive feedback
San Antonio, TX, USA
Verizon LG VX11000 EnV Touch Cellular Phone
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LG EnV Touch VX11000 - Black Silver (Verizon) Cellular Phone
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LG EnV Touch VX11000 - Black Silver (Verizon) Cellular Phone
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LG Verizon enV Touch Cell Phone Flip Open Qwerty Keys - 3.2MP Camera LG-VX11000
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99.3% positive feedback
Moosup, CT, USA
LG Verizon enV Touch Cell Phone Flip Open Qwerty Keys - 3.2MP Camera LG-VX11000
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Product description
  • Dolby mobile
  • MiniSD memory port
  • Bluetooth stereo capable
  • 4-Line QWERTY keyboard
  • HTML web browsing
  • 3.2-megapixel camera and camcorder

Product Images

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Manufacturer ImageManufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
Product Information
The LG EnV Touch is a jam-packed keyboard phone with a surprisingly slim profile. It manages to fit two 3-inch screens and a full QWERTY keyboard into a small package. Phone calls are of high quality, and speakerphone functionality enables users to take it on the road and talk for more than five hours. GPS directions are also available on the LG EnV Touch . On-the-go users will also appreciate Bluetooth connectivity that allows for peripheral devices to be attached without the hassle of wires and cords. There are also services for email from a variety of providers, as well as instant messaging via SMS on this keyboard phone. Navigating between videos and songs on the LG EnV Touch is easy. The camera is 3.2 MP, and the clear videos created on this LG phone are crisp. If you're looking for a feature-packed phone, this LG phone can provide a lot of productivity in a svelte package.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
MPN VX11000enVTouch
Family LineLG enV Touch
TypeCellular Phone

Key Features
ColorBlack silver
Network TechnologyCDMA2000 1X
BandCDMA 800/1900
Camera3.2 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicroSD

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity950 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 260 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 408 hr

Display TechnologyLCD display
Diagonal Screen Size3 in.
Display Resolution800 x 480 pixels

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardYes
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.53 in.
Depth0.67 in.
Width2.16 in.
Weight4.9 oz

Antenna TypeInternal
Phone Book Capacity (Numbers)1000

eBay Product ID: EPID100020050

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewGood


    The LG EnV Touch has two beautiful displays, a nice touch-screen interface, and a great QWERTY keyboard. It has impressive features, such as a 3.2-megapixel camera, EV-DO Rev. A, and a full HTML Web browser.


    The LG EnV Touch's touch-screen interface could use some refinement, and the Web browser experience is not as smooth as we would like. Visual Voice Mail and corporate e-mail cost additional monthly fees. The lack of Wi-Fi is disappointing.


    The LG EnV Touch's combination of great design and top-notch features makes it one of the top Verizon Wireless phones we've ever seen.

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Created: 12/10/09

Lg EnV Touch App friendly? or A gimmick by Vrzn

I thought the double screen was a bid repetitive but it comes in handy!

Anytime i need to txt on the go i can use the touch screen in both landscape (touch qwerty pad) or portrait (touch abc or t9) modes, there is also an interesting "draw" mode so you can write with your figure the character you desire.

I did not like the fact that voice memos i saved on my old phone were much quieter with Env then with previous phone, i would think that having dual stereo speakers would make this phone sing, but sadly my old phone (moto rival) can be louder, not necessarily more crisp however.

I hate the fact i need to recharge the battery every night before bed, but if necessary i could purchase a 50 dollar extended life battery.

My fiance has the rouge so when i go from her phone to mine i find myself trying to use touch screen abilities on the Env's inner screen. The rouge is a one-screen slider phone therefore you can always use touch, but Env has two screens and only the outer is touch enabled.

If your like me you most likely use txting as a prime mode of conversation this phone only stores just under 300 txts total, what i mean is sent+received=300 and your box is full, so i find i am constantly deleting txts i would otherwise have saved. Another pesky thing is when txting on the go, in order to lock the screen you need to wait for the 'txt sent' notification.. a bit of a pain, but if your just sitting around the house you can set it on a table while waiting. The reason its a concern is pocket dialing, if you don't make sure its locked after the txt is sent you might call someone you have no intention of talking with at that moment.

The shortcut menus now available on the new 'app friendly' phones are very useful, sadly vrzn isn't thinking straight and is charging upwards of 15 dollars per unlimited app useage, but at&t and apple has a mutitude of free apps, or even demo apps, or even full version apps, but for only a fraction of the cost weatherbug for vrzn: 2.99 per month. Apple is free, but this is about the phone not the carrier.

Overall i'd rate this phone on a scale of one to ten in which ten is the droid on at&t

An 8.5

battery life in this day and age is crucial, and the Env can't stand up to other phones, also im sure that the Env runs apps wonderfully and very smoothly but i wouldn't know, because there is no way im forking out that kind of dough to vrzn, they've already taken enough imo.

The actual qwerty pad coupled with the touch qwerty/abc/t9/write pad makes this phone a txting powerhouse. Phone has a sleak modern design and very nice preloaded ringtones and wallpapers. Also the internet is pretty fast, anytime i wanna hear a certain song all i have to do i go to youtube! Speaking of songs the Env plays almost any format even itunes' mp4, unlike the rouge.

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Created: 11/29/09

Same Phone - Updated Package -- Nicer Though

I purchased thsi LG VX11000 enV to replace my 9900 model. Though I liked the 9900 model, my eyesight is not as good as when I bought my 9900 five years ago.

Function and size is mostly the same with updated features, different input jacks for data cable and charger, and of course battery is different too.

Overall this telephone works fine as it should. The one I got was a factory refurb :( which didn't thrill me at all since both the seller and I thought it was new considering the sealed NEW packaging from LG. Somehow this one was not sorted out properly when boxed.

However, according to the little yellow note tucked into the booklet, the plastics and touchscreen were replaced, but the batter that came with it was terrible! I had to buy a new one and Verizon is still grousing about refunding the difference -- though its THEIR fault as LG makes these phones for them.

Regardless, the phone functions, Verizon did extend the warranty on my phone and so for the extra cost of a battery I have some more warranty attached to it.

Overall the function is better in some respects. I don't have to go through as many machinations to listen to my music, it plays off the micro-SD card in the slot. Reads the 8 gig card no problem. I can shrink movies down to fit on there and watch them on my phone, as well as look at photos on my card, etc. There is an integrated browser, but it still uses the Verizon version of the browser which makes it hard for me to access my email.

Fit and function is good. Data cables are standard USB to USB Micro-mini B going in for charging and data and syncing. The forward screen is wonderful so now I can actually SEE who's calling me at 6:30 am instead of groping for glasses to read the teeny display on the old phone. The phone is a bit lighter but not by much. Thinner yes. I like the 3.2 megapixel camera with integrated LED flash. Excellent improvement. Wish it were 5 megapixel. The video shoots at a poor 1 megapixel I think. Maybe 1.5 I don't know for sure. It wasn't made to be a video camera anyway. Number storage and voice dial are the same. The keyboard is nice and they put a space key where you can find it (FINALLY!).

Good phone for media, music, pix, some video, and if you like to pay for streaming music and TV, fine. More power to you.

Overall I give this phone a 4.5 out of 5. I wish it had a Chrome or Mozilla browser and easier mouse pointing. Other than that, its not an iPhone, but its better in many respects. Service is inexpensive, and plentiful around the nation, so calling is easier than AT&T or Sprint.

Remember though this is not a Blackberry or iPhone so if that's what you want, do not look at this phone. But as smart phones go a 4.5 out 5.

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Created: 12/02/09

Very Good Phone

I have had this phone for over 4 months now. So I think is a good time to write a review. Well, where to start. I like the screen on it, very High res. Sounds is good and voice comes in very clear. I wasn't not a fan of touch screens since I am hard on phones. Since I have had the phone I have taken really good care of this phone.

Some of the touch features are hard to work if you have fat finger (like I do). You learn work through that.

So now, what don't I like about the phone. Really, is the battery life. I could talk for a good hour and the battery would be one the last bar. So ibought a car charger, that did not help that just made it worse. So after spending close to $280.00 for the phone, I had to go and spend another $50.00 on a extended life battery. After doing this, I can talk a lot longer and the battery does not even move. So instead of going a 4 days on the battery, I can now go close to 2 weeks on the battery. Major difference.

I would recommend this phone to anyone that likes touch screens.

Now on to the camera part of the phone. With a 3.2 res., I am very happy with it. Pictures a very clear and look really nice, for a camera phone. Although the camera is not very good with fast moving objects. The video section does very well with fast moving objects.

So overall, I am happy with the phone and the ease of use.

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Created: 08/06/10


I love this phone! In fact this is the second one I have bought. It does everything that I need - pics, video, etc. I have a one and a three yr old so being able to share their everyday activites with family was a must. I love the ease of using the touch screen to crop pictures and send to everyone - not a day goes by that my kids are not on camera! The quality is excellent for the photos; however, sometimes the videos do not show as clearly on the receiving end. Also, being able to check my email with the mobil mail is a great asset since I rarely have time to sit down at a computer. My battery stays charged for days and I never had my phone die on me! The LG Chocolate I had needed charging every night and sometimes twice a day so that I could continue with my texts, pix, flix of the kids. GREAT product, reasonable price - what every stay-at-home needs to keep in touch with the real world!

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Created: 05/06/10

Awesome Phone

I really like the way the phone features. The camera is awesome with its auto focus and intelligent setting. This phone has a sensor that allows a touch screen keyboard to appear when writing or replying to text messages. If for some reason you don't like this feature you can always use the internal keyboard without a problem.

Like every phone it does have a downside. The onscreen keyboard is not always as accurate as it seems. Same thing for the browser function. The speakers are also not loud as most of the older phones are.

Overall I like this phone a lot. Its awesome design and weight is a desirable feature and makes the phone worth getting. I like phones that have a touch screen and keyboard on the inside just in case something happens to the outside.

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