Zenithink ZT-180 512MB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlo...
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Zenithink ZT-180 512MB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlocked), 10.2in - Black

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Product description
Product Information
See more with the sleek and stylish Zenithink ZT180-102 that has a 10.2-inch TFT LCD display and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. This Zenithink tablet runs on Android 2.2 OS to give you an enhanced browsing experience. Since this tablet PC supports multiple audio and video formats, you get several entertainment options. You can take this Zenithink tablet anywhere as it supports Wi-Fi, and you can also easily connect it to an HDTV via HDMI output. Thanks to an SD card that supports up to 32GB SDHC, this tablet PC lets you enjoy additional storage space. What’s more, with the DDR 512 memory of the Zenithink ZT180-102, you are sure to have fast access to applications and processes.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers

Key Features
Display Size10.2in (25.91 cm)
Storage Capacity512MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi + 3G
Supported File TypesGIF, JPG
Exterior ColorBlack

Processor ManufacturerARM
Processor Speed1 GHz

Display and Screen
Display TechTFT Active Matrix
Display Max. Resolution1024 x 600

Digital Camera
Rear Camera Resolution1.3 megapixel
Front Camera Resolution1.3 megapixel

Connections and Expandability
Expansion PortsHDMI, RJ-45 (NIC), USB 2.0
Wireless capabilitiesWLAN 802.11b, WLAN 802.11g
Audio InputLine In (3.5mm)
Audio OutputLine Out, Speaker(s)

Height7.08in (17.98 cm)
Width10.62in (26.72 cm)
Depth0.59in (1.5 cm)
Weight2.2lb (1.6 kg)

Battery TechnologyLithium ion
Battery Run TimeUp to 3.5 hours

Additional Technical Informations
Input MethodTouch-Screen

eBay Product ID: EPID108295252

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    Created: 04/14/11

    This is NOT an iPad killer, but a nice Android substitute. Good Value.

    To be fair I've only had the device for a day, but have been playing with Android phones on and off for a year or so. I received the tablet and was immediately struck by how solid it feels. I think it feels nearly as solid as my wife's iPad.

    The main reason I purchased this tablet was to consider reducing my use of a netbook for light surfing and email. It seems to handle this function well.

    The screen is bright and clear. Watching Youtube videos is a pleasent experience.

    The touchscreen is slightly below average, you really have to make a good push and there seems to be no feedback mechanism.

    One thing that bugs me a little is that I've had to reset the device twice. Another issue is that the ad mentioned 3 USB ports. There is really only one USB jack, and the one that I purchased only included the Ethernet Dongle and no USB hub extender and no HDMI interface cable as some others do.

    The WiFi interface is also a little weak. I have an Ideos phone with WiFi Analyzer running along side of the EPAD. My local WiFi access point signal levels track identically around -60. However, the Ideos also detects three other networks around -90 (I know I know, pretty useless at -90) but still, there seems to be a sharper roll off of sensitivity compared to the cheapest Android phone out there.

    Battery life seems to be in the neighborhood of a typical laptop - between 3 and 4 hours run time depending upon what you're doing. This means that you get enough time to watch one movie on a plane.

    All things considered, it runs 2.2 just fine and it's 1 GHz processor smokes the performance of my Phone.

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    Feature ratings

    • Size / weight
    • Battery life
    • Value for money
    Created: 09/28/11

    A good wi-fi web browser for the money.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I bought this tablet for my 9 tear old. She wanted it to play games like ant smasher and pocket god. I set it up for her. The instruction manual was useless. A picture that labeled all the ports, and the android user manual were available on-line and solved that problem. She complained that the touch screen was not sensitive enough to play pocket god properly (she had played the game before on an i-pad). It connected instantly through my wireless router and I was able to go on-line right away. Web browsing worked fine. I was able to easily set up an account through google market which was preinstalled. G-mail was also easy to set up. The touch screen worked fine for web browsing, typing, and all other basic functions. It came with many useful apps. It did not have internal GPS or voice recognition capability. It worked well with the keyboard case I purchased separately. The battery lasts less than an hour while web browsing. Be sure to purchase a car charger if you plan to use this while traveling.

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    Created: 03/10/11

    Meh, just the bare basics.

    Well, for about $210 bucks or so, you get the bare basics that a lot of people seek from the popular iPad: Wireless Internet(3G if you have it), a few apps, games, and more!

    To be fair though, I felt pretty disappointed getting this product: It was a lot bigger than I first thought, which was probably my own darn fault. Although that is just a trivial concern, my main issue is the inflexibility of the operating system and its functions. You can't use the hard drive for ACTUAL storage; while you can store apps on there, you can't copy stuff like word documents, music, exc. onto it much like a iPod(If you enable it for disk use in iTunes.) unless you have a mini SD hard. A normal nor a high capacity one will do, and a adapter won't suffice.

    The apps I can download for android are very...interesting, to say the least. A good portion of them will not work probably because it was designed for smartphones and not tablet pc's. I can understand there being fewer apps for tablet pc's but its kinda sad to mix both in when they have compatibility problems. It's all a matter of trial and error; some of them work, others do not, or they have problems working. You can get free or paid apps.

    As for ethernet connections, well my biggest gripe of all is the blasted connection for it broke off! The adapter for ethernet is worthless now, and if its the same adapter for 3G networking, I can forget about it now. My only hope now for getting ethernet is if a USB-based adapter will work, and if it doesn't, well im stuck with Wi-Fi for the rest of this unit's life. I did try it out before the lousy connector broke, and I was fairly satisfied. 3G is a bit of a different story.

    Overall, the tablet PC by itself isn't too bad; it has a few minor design flaws, but for $210, its not bad. It's a bargain compared to the iPad, and can do the core functions of the iPad. But I don't like the android operating system too much on it though, I wish I could just purge it off the tablet PC and put a windows based operating system on it. However, knowing the inflexibility of the hardware and software itself, I will probably be lucky to try and find a way to put something different on there. Guess I gotta keep doing my research.

    It's overall strengths are its reasonable price compared to the iPod, as well as being ok for using Wi-fi and a few apps for stuff. It's overall weaknesses are inflexibility in both hardware and software designs, as well as a few flaws in both categories.

    Would I recommend it? If your good at electronic equipment such as this, give it a shot, replace the operating system if you can and see if you can upgrade the memory. It's a bit weak. Otherwise, I would just save up for something else, or a iPad.

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    Created: 04/07/11

    ePad vs. iPad

    I missed my iPad when it was returned to my former employer & decided to buy this ePad because it was half the price. It unfortunately is not as user friendly as the iPad. When turned off, it takes a minute to boot-up, the battery drains way too quickly & it is slower. The USB port allows me to connect an external keyboard & other Android recognizable periferals. it was good to learn the differences between the competing products & now I want to sell the ePad & buy an iPad 2.

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    Created: 04/02/11

    zenithink zt 180 inexpensive tablet

    the zenithink zt 180 v2 is not a bad tablet for the price. it plays video better than my acer netbook. the screen quality is great as long as you hold it at just the right angle. things i didnt like about it include: wifi reception sucks have to stay within 20 feet or no signal. does not support flashplayer 10.1 even though it says it does on the box. adobe doesnt support zenithink proccesor so no new firmware will fix this until adobe starts support for the arm11 procesor which is what the zenithink is.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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