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Yoshi's Story  (Nintendo 64, 1998)
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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64, 1998)

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CASE & ART for Yoshi's Story Nintendo 64 N64 Collectors Box Game Case
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CASE & ART for Yoshi's Story Nintendo 64 N64 Collectors Box Game Case
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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64, 1998) (1998)
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Yoshi's Story  (Nintendo 64, 1998) (1998)
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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64, N64 1998) W / Bonus Fold-Out Card Cleaned & Tested!
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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64, N64 1998) W / Bonus Fold-Out Card Cleaned & Tested!
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Yoshi's Story - Nintendo 64 N64 JP Japan Import Yossy
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Yoshi's Story - Nintendo 64 N64 JP Japan Import Yossy
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Yoshi's Story (Nintendo 64 N64, 1998)
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Yoshi's Story  (Nintendo 64 N64, 1998)
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    Product description

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    Product Information
    Yoshi's Story is a side-scrolling platform game that involves controlling one of six young Yoshis as they explore their home island in two play modes: Story and Trial. In addition to the unusual visual style, designed to replicate a picture book, what sets this game apart from similar platform titles is the lack of a specific "end" to reach on a level. Yoshi's Story spans six "pages," with each page representing one of four possible courses. While the game offers a total of 24 levels spread across six worlds, a game only consists of one page per world. To see all the levels, you'll have to keep playing new games while trying to improve your score.

    Yoshi's task within each page is to find 30 pieces of fruit. It doesn't matter where he finds them or in what order -- once he gobbles up the last piece of fruit, he's ready to turn the page. To obtain these pieces of fruit, Yoshi can walk, run, swim, push items, jump, stomp on enemies, and pound the ground. The "pound the ground" technique allows you to reveal hidden fruit to add to your score or "happiness" level. As in previous games, Yoshi can still use his tongue to grab any fruit or enemy character he comes into contact with, but this time color is important: each Yoshi has a certain color preference that keeps him happy and increases your score.

    Swallowing an enemy turns the rival into an egg ready to be thrown anywhere on the screen. Eggs can be launched to reveal hidden platforms, items, or secrets. Yoshi can also sniff the ground (like a bloodhound) to uncover tasty snacks. The game automatically keeps track of your name, high score, and progress for each Yoshi, so you have something to shoot for if you decide to play again. You can collect 30 melons on each page to reveal a secret, or find the three Special Hearts in each course to open up more pages. Cleared courses in Story Mode can then be played in Trial Mode, where the goal is to achieve the highest score possible.

    Product Highlights

    Product Identifiers
    GameYoshi's Story

    Key Features
    PlatformNintendo 64

    Tech Details
    Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
    Number of Players1
    Release Year1998
    Game Special Features
  • Explore a total of 24 courses in six worlds

  • Revisit completed stages to improve your high score

  • Feel each ground pound, sniff, stomp, and jump with a Rumble Pak accessory

  • Game SeriesYoshi Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID1239

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    Created: 06/06/11

    Great game. PLAY IT. Also play on the Wii for 1000 wii points.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Yoshi's story is a 2.5d game, taking place in the wonderous land of Yoshi's island. But when Baby Bowser steals the Yoshi's Super Happy Tree(no i'm not kidding...) the Yoshis go into a trace. Now its up to 6 (not including the Black and White) baby Yoshis, born after the tree disappeared. Unaffected by the trace, they deciced to to teach Baby Bowser a lesson, he will never forget.

    Throw eggs, eat enemys,collect coins, ground pound, sniff around, and meet Poohy the Dog, in Yoshi's story book like graphics (which make you feel like a little kid again... in a good way)
    Yoshi's story's main goal for each level is to eat 30 fruits. Revolving around apples, bannanas, grapes, watermelons, and the special melons.
    If you ever do make it to the end of a level it will warp you to the beginning in case if your wondering.

    Each Yoshi has their own favorite fruit as well. For example Red and Pink Yoshi love Apples, and heal for 3 petals. Speaking of petals, your life is shown by a flower on the top left side of the screen. At the beginning of a level you only have one petal, (don't worry as long as you have one petal you can take a hit and live, just don't take a hit when there are none left) if you eat a fruit, enemy, or well... anything! You can heal up to eight petals. All enemys that i'm aware of do 3 petals of damage. So look out!

    Just beware of losing a "life" (or letting Yoshi's health run out) because some shy guys will come and take that Yoshi. Then you can't play as that Yoshi (unless you find a White Shy Guy to save them) Once all 6 are gone. Your save data will be erased, and you have to start from the first level. :(

    This game offers great challage and some nerve racking platforming. Try it, and try to eat as many melons as possible. If you don't have a N64 you can get it on the Wii for 1000 Wii points.

    My Teenager even enjoyed it, and although he wouldn't go and invite friends over to play it. He isn't embarased to talk about it. He told me to give his highest recommendation. He also said it is great for a kids first game.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 05/06/06

    Yoshi's Story - Challenging and Addictive

    Yoshi's Story is a truely challenging and addictive game.

    This game takes Mario and Luji's pet named Yoshi from the Super Mario video game and makes Yoshi the central theme. While the games is fast paced and challenging, it is easy to wonder at first who this game was targeted for. It almost has a somewhat infant type of design to it, with quilt looking patterns in the back ground and toddler looking creatures which makes you feel a little bit like you should be in a nursery being fed a bottle by a nanny.

    However, once you get past the unusually childish looking setting, this game will begin to rock. As Yoshi, you must utilize different objects in the game to complete that levels task. For instance, on level 1, you must ride giant snakes with goofy looking faces around the screen to capture various items with Yoshi's tounge, eat creatures, and pick things up. This may sound pretty simple, but the tricky part is learning how to control the snakes so they move in the direction you need Yoshi to go, so this takes some practice. Once you complete your objective you can move to the next level.

    I personally did not find this game as exciting as Super Mario games, but it is a fun game to play and a very popular video game.

    Yoshi's Story is worth adding to your game collection if you can find a copy to buy. This game is one of the more difficult Nintendo games to locate Nintendo specific games like Super Mario, Mario Cart, Yoshi's Story, etc. are collectables across the world. The good thing is that if you buy it on the USA Ebay Auctions, your only have to bid against gamers and collectors in the USA instead of the entire world.

    I give this game 4 out of 5 stars, mainly because I do not like some of the graphics which made me think about baby powder. However, other than that minor objection, I highly recommend this game if you are a Yoshi fan.

    5 of 8 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 08/17/13

    Adorable and simple, but fun

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I've been a fan of this game ever since it came out in the States, but it took many years before I was able to obtain my own copy. The game is very easy to play - even for someone like me who's lousy at pretty much all video games - but several levels are also rather challenging. There are several hint boxes that pop up to tell new players how to control Yoshi, as well as how to reach the end of the level. An added challenge is to eat 30 melons each level, instead of whichever fruit you run across.
    All in all, although it's a simple game, it's extremely cute and lots of fun to play. The music gets cheesy, and sometimes borderline annoying, but it's still enjoyable nonetheless. If you're a Yoshi fan, or Super Mario fan, it's definitely worth checking out. If you're new to the Mario fandom, it's probably the best game to start with since it's easy and walks you through the controls and objectives.

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    Created: 02/08/09

    awesome game of the year

    world best game review of year

    one of the awesome game of the year fun to play if your inrested in this game i got say well u just can't get enough of this & take my word for it this game is awesome to play if your gamer & u don't what to play this is it i recommend on this game it so worth playing 10 out 10 perfect
    plus beleave gamers i got the worlds greatest to the worst & take from me i just love even the world dumdest game could be awesome on my book to graphic well don't see the problem with but all i can is a job well done sound hmmmm i hear just it perfecly the music i think i love videogame music i just can't get enough of it & the gameplay well as u see its like i all ready knew how to play when i got it at the store ready if u don't beleave what i say then take look at the game 4 yourself if u don't like it then don't play it

    Graphic 10/10
    Gameplay 10/10
    Sound 10/10
    Music 10/10 well its because of the music ok

    In other just an awesome game of the year 0_0

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    Created: 05/31/08

    One of our all time FAVORITES!!!

    This is such a wonderful game. So different from all the others. It's pleasant music and cute story make it quite fun to play. Most games tend to make me tense and uptight. Yoshi story is fun and even relaxing.
    My most favorite part of this game is that it was one of our favorite's. My sister and I had many great and such fun moments. I can still remember her laugh and smile as we enjoyed the game and being together. She is gone now. The pain is unbearable at times. This little game helps. It's a little piece of someone who I love so much.
    I know we all have moments - good moments with people we love. How much we love we do not know until they are gone. Love the ones you are with takes on a whole new meaning. The reason it's bearable at all is that about a year before she left I told her how much I loved her. A rare moment when my heart was wide open. I am so thankful for that...
    I guess the reason I told you all this - I don't talk about it much cause it's so heavy - but I mention it now because my heart is open and I miss her so. I also have this feeling that someone who needs to hear this will read it. I do pray that no one has to endure such a thing. I know many do and will. I hope that someone reads this who has not yet lost that most precious one. I hope my words move you to open wide and risk all. It's so wonderful to receive - we all need to hear the good stuff but it's too rare. Speaking from my heart and experience...it is almost life saving to give. Please do. I will happen. It does happen. It happens all the time. Nothing can prepare. This is eases my heart like none else. Words of wisdom for the foolish and the wise...they are not mine...they come from my heart...they come from somewhere else...they come from someone else...
    Call it a love letter...that fits in so many ways...
    Tara I know you are out there somewhere. I feel you so close. I miss so many things. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I can't breath. I just want to wrap my arms around you and hug you with everything I've got. My little sis. Thanks for so many wonderful moments. You were such a light in our lives...in my life. I loved being with you but I never realized how much of brilliant light you were until you left. Thanks for staying so long. God bless and keep you. May His arms hold you tight...until we meet again. In my heart always.
    'no words' sis 'no words'
    Love, Rhet

    The moral of the story...play Yoshi story...buy it for a great price on ebay...play it with someone you love. Your heart captures these moments. They sustain like nothing else can. Here's to LOVE...the noun, the verb...the power, the gift. The best love in my life...when I gave!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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