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Yong Nuo YongNuo Speedlite YN560 Shoe Mount Flash for Canon/Nikon

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Product description
The YongNuo YN-560 is a reliable camera flash with a power zoom function that casts light on near as well as far off areas. This YongNuo speedlite flash charges in just 3 seconds, and is thus ready for shooting at any given time. The YongNuo YN-560 flash provides 8 FPS high speed continuous shooting below the output level of 1/8. The 8 output levels of this YongNuo shoe mount flash allows you to set the right amount of light and offers better control. The overheating protection function of this YongNuo speedlite flash keeps it safe from damage. Save your current flash settings with the automatic setting saving function of this YongNuo shoe mount flash.

Product Identifiers
BrandYong Nuo

Key Features
Guide Number190.29 ft/ISO 100
Compatible BrandFor Canon/Nikon

eBay Product ID: EPID100331588

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Created: 09/06/12

Very Poor Design, Stay Away!

No, I would not recommend this product.

Many eBay sellers advertise this flash unit for a specific camera with different prices. It makes the consumer think it's a dedicated flash unit. It is not. If you look closely at the bottom of the shoe, there is only one contact pin in the middle, which means it can be triggered by any film or digital cameras with a flash shoe. That’s about it. Your camera can not communicate with this flash unit to make sure the settings are correct.

Many photographers review this flash unit as if it is to be used for general everyday photography, comparing it with other flash units. It is not, and cannot be used for general everyday photography. Even though this flash unit has many advanced features, the company forgot to put a TTL function, or at least an AUTO function to make it useful for general types of photography required by all photographers. Their design is a step in the wrong direction.

The main purpose of this MANUAL flash unit, with its built-in features, is for a SECONDARY flash. In other words, it's a SLAVE FLASH UNIT. Mount it on a stand, and set it on S1 or S2 slave, and you can fill the background or the main subject...no problem. But do not advertise it for general flash photography or for specific cameras.

As a main flash for everyday use? You and your subject will be very frustrated waiting for you to MANUALLY make power level adjustment, MANUALLY adjusting the zoom head, MANUALLY moving the flash to the correct distance, MANUALLY adjusting your camera aperture and ISO, MANUALLY adjusting your zoom setting, etc, and then making another TEST if the first exposure was off. If you get lucky and obtain the correct exposure the first time, you might still have to adjust your camera shutter speed to compensate or override the ambient light. By that time, the bride and groom walking down the aisle is gone, the giggling facial expression of a child is now pouting, and the baptismal photo in the church which does not allow for retakes because it can only be done once…is finished. You just missed your once in a lifetime photo because you were fiddling with this very clumsy MANUAL flash unit!!!

If you really want a good flash unit with TTL metering, AUTO focus assist, AUTO setting of shutter speed and aperture, and a high guide number of 92 at ¼ the price, with MANUAL setting of course, then go to Walmart and get a DEDICATED Sunpak DF3000. You can then concentrate on the event and not worry about setting your flash MANUALLY and missing the shots. Got the picture?

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  • Battery life
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 04/04/12

Designed for photographers who don’t need automatic exposure control

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Yongnuo YN-560 speedlite, a manual-mode only flash designed for photographers who don’t need automatic exposure control.
I’ve recently purchased on eBay the Yongnuo 560 but is already my favorite flash for shooting with radio triggers: the combination of power, recycling speed, handling and ease of use is just perfect for me. YN560′s now come with metal flash foot and an improved zoom motor construction.

YN-560 Highlights
one of the very best flashes for “strobist” work
plenty of power with official GN of 39 (true GN is 34)
manual zoom range 24 – 105 mm
2 optical slave modes (much improved over 460 series)
very good build quality
power from 1/1 down to 1/128

Compatible Camera Bodies
Yongnuo’s YN560 is not designed for digital cameras such as a Canon Rebel or a Nikon Dxxx. It does mount, but you have to set the flash output level for every photo by hand, and there is no auto zoom, and no AF assist light. The flash can’t be controlled from the camera’s menu system either.
Canon cameras Nikon cameras
only really usable in manual camera mode “M” or “Tv” (all Canon camera bodies); no digital TTL support only really usable in manual camera mode “M” or “S” (all Nikon camera bodies); no digital TTL support
The flash has only 1 single electrical pin on the flash foot, instead of the 4 / 5 pins needed for digital data exchange. When searching for a digital flash that’s working with your DSLR automatically.
Depending on the seller you also might receive a free diffuser (‘stofen’) together with your purchase. Yongnuo offer them also for sale on eBay as an extra accessory; the diffuser is the Canon 580EX version as they have identical flash heads.
Build Quality
The YN-560 is a large flash with massive body and big flash head.

The quality of the engineering and build is a real surprise: The new 560 is on an excellent level in terms of build quality and quality of the controls. A clear upgrade from the 46x line, e.g. the YN-460-II that was the most powerful Yongnuo model before. The new 560 does feel really professional now and it’s a pure joy to work with.
Wireless Flash

The YN 560 can be used as a remote flash in these configurations: (1) (radio) triggering through flash foot or using the PC jack or (2) with the non-TTL optical slave modes “S1″ and “S2″.

No Dedicated Remote TTL Slave Mode (Canon and Nikon)

Both Canon and Nikon have dedicated wireless flash systems that work with optical signals, transmitted in the form of invisible pre-flashes before the main flash burst. These tiny light pulses tell compatible slave flashes in a wireless setup when they should fire, at which output level, and which other special features such as high-speed sync or modeling light are required.

But if you’re OK going that way the YN-560 can be integrated in a wireless i-TTL or E-TTL setup as long as only 1 or 2 other flashes are used.

This is a real nice eBay business with value for money.

Try it.

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Feature ratings

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  • Battery life
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 09/24/11

An absolute must for those who use manual strobe flash.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this unit to be part of my strobe flash set for a portable studio. I use the unit off camera with YongNuo sender receiver units. I use the Speedlite in manual mode.

I tested the flash based on the Guide Number and Focal Length setting specified by the manufacturer at different power settings. As a subject, I used the box the flash unit came in, setting it at various distances from the flash, and selecting the predicted aperture on the camera for that distance.

All the images of the box were the same, with some variation due to my placement rather than the flash unit. For all distances, power levels, and predicted apertures, the YongNuo YN-560 delivered even and consistent flash output.

For my use, this product is a God-Send.

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Created: 03/18/11

Great flash for good value

I bought two YN-560s for my beginning strobist setup consisting of two lightstands with umbrellas. Right from the get-go, the flashes have been working great. I have yet to put them through some rigorous use but preliminary results look good. Just to specify, I received the flashes with the metal foot for connection to the hot shoe. Apparently, there were problems with the plastic shoe version that were addressed in this new one. I was also looking at the Lumopro 160 but at half the price, the 560 is hard to beat. No TTL on it but for me it's fine; I've been wanting to learn how to use flash on manual in order to get consistent lighting.

- Price: five times cheaper than a SB-900 but similar in power. I read reports that show the stated guide number is a bit of an overestimate but still puts it near the SB-900 and the 580EXII.
- Construction: it feels well built and hefty. It doesn't feel cheap. The battery door works great and doesn't feel like it'll fall off from too many opens and closes. Like I said before, the metal foot connects great and the connection feels sturdy.
- Interface: really easy to use. Two buttons for zooming the head in and out. Two buttons for adjusting power up and down. One button to change the mode (manual, optical slave).
- Range of motion: only 270 degrees (180 one way, 90 the other). Not a big deal unless you're using it on-camera and wanting to bounce off a wall behind you.
- Optical slave: I have some radio flash triggers that I was pairing up with these guys but had a chance to play with the slaves before they arrived. It worked great with the Nikon flash and I didn't have any misfires or lack of fire; although I was indoors and in a room with light colored walls so that would've helped the slaves.
- Recycle time: with fresh batteries the recycle time is ~3-4 seconds. With used up batteries the recycle time obviously increases to almost ~5-7 seconds. But I was firing them at full power when I could've probably decreased the power a bit and opened up the aperture a bit more.

Time will tell how good these guys are as I put them through their paces, but for now I don't see anything that would prevent me from recommending them to a friend.

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Feature ratings

  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 10/30/13

cheap, reliable, powerful, original, comfortable

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Reliability Flash YN560 III was at the highest level. They stand even 40 minutes of footage in the rain,
excellent build quality and strength of the body . All mating parts fit perfectly , the battery cover is reinforced with metal and very sturdy.
Excellent ergonomics loading batteries .
very convenient power switch . - 1 \ 1, 1 \ 2, 1 \ 4, 1 \ 16, 1 \ 32, 1 \ 64 , 1 \ 128. there is a correction.
Shoe is very powerful and durable.
There is a sound charging.
Slip mode literate - at the touch of the shutter button or the synchronizer cameras without the shutter , the flash out of the slip- mode .
Two positions of the rotating head for on-camera modes - near and far .
when you turn off the settings are stored in non-volatile memory and will not be reset
built-in receiver for Radio Controls type RF603 and RF602. This is a real breakthrough , because saving a lot of time , unnecessary connections , battery
Recharges very quickly

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