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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009)
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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009)

Bobcat Goldthwait, Robin Williams | Theatrical release: 2009 | Rating: R (MPAA)
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World's Greatest Dad DVD
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World's Greatest Dad DVD
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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009) Perfect!
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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009) Perfect!
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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009) Robbin Williams
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World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009) Robbin Williams
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Movie synopsis
Comedy giants Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait collaborate on this darkly funny film that played at Sundance. After the shocking accidental death of his son, Lance (Williams) writes a fake suicide note to keep his family from more trouble. But Lance is a talented writer, and the letter soon becomes an entire book which Lance is eager to sell. Goldthwait directs a cast that also includes Daryl Sabara and Alexie Gilmore.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 876964002363

Additional Details

Director:Bobcat Goldthwait
Leading Role:Robin Williams
eBay Product ID: EPID78404651

Editorial reviews

"With a merciless acuity this nihilistic comedy ridicules collective grief and the news media's cynical marketing of inspirational uplift after a death."
New York Times - Stephen Holden (08/21/2009)

"For all of its cutting cynicism, DAD proves unexpectedly moving in its portrait of a middle-aged man leaving childish things behind."
Los Angeles Times (08/28/2009)

"[A] savagely funny, unexpectedly touching exploration of the need to idealize and romanticize the dead..." -- Grade: B+
A.V. Club - Nathan Rabin (08/20/2009)

"[F]ully charged with angst and anguish and unrelenting bitterness that periodically gives way to one of the year's sweetest, sincerest character dramas."
Movieline - Movieline (08/21/2009)

"[A] toxic satire of celebrity, hypocrisy, and the power of idiotic suggestion. Williams hasn't been this sympathetic in years." -- Grade: B+
Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman (09/04/2009)

"[Goldthwait] does pull off the considerable feat of drawing an entirely believable, sympathetic and funny performance from Williams."
Sight and Sound - Tom Charity (03/01/2010)

3 stars out of 5 -- "It's a great concept, zig-zagging between heart-splintering tragedy and dark comedy."
Empire - Dan Jolin (09/01/2010)

"[Williams gives] his best performance in years....Goldthwait tightens his focus and the film morphs into a provocative commentary on the exploitation of death and collective gullibility."
Sight and Sound - Matthew Taylor (09/01/2010)

4 stars out of 5 -- "Goldthwait keeps us wittily wrong-footed, right up to the climax."
Total Film - Matt Glasby (10/01/2010)

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Created: 12/10/09

Thought provoking movie

First off, this is NOT a comedy movie, so if your are expecting roll-on-the-floor laughter you will be very disappointed.

This movie is a drama that deals with loneliness, sorry and suicide.

Robin Williams teams up with Bobcat Goldthwait (Who wrote and directed the movie and has a cameo) in this drama about a father who is a failed writer who's son accidentally dies from autoerotic asphyxiation (Look that up if you don't know what it is). Williams is so ashamed of this that he decides to cover it up by writing a suicide note to cover the incident. However, once he gets to writing the note he cannot stop himself and he writes a journal and passes it off as written by his son. Everyone loves the journal and things quickly get out of hand.

The movie starts our slow but soon enough it gets better and eventually you see where the movie is going.

Just be aware that the movie is not funny, its a drama that deals with some serious issues.

That said, the movie is pretty good and entertaining and I suggest you get this one, you will not be disappointed.

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Created: 03/19/11

Laughed, so it's not a miss

I'm a little critical of movies so when I saw this on auctions I waited until I could buy it for a low price because other reviews weren't all that favorable. But I figured, after seeing Robin Williams in "The Final Cut", how depressing or bad could this be?
Let me tell you that there's going to be foul language. Some people who reviewed this really had a problem with that. Sorry, it's not Mork and Mindy. This movie is R rated and language is part of it, the other is Robin Williams' son in the movie has extreme sexual fetish tastes. But those are shown to exemplify how annoying of a person he is.
There's a slow wind up in the beginning, but the twist to the plot is delivered half way through the film and it gets funny after that how people can blow something out of proportion which is the delivery of what's funny in this movie. Similar in growing exaggeration to the movie "The New Suit".
To enjoy this movie you must A.) Not gather the kids around. It's R rated. and B.) Not be a prude, it's going to make you cringe a bit and language and themes not normally talked about at the dinner table will be introduced in the first half. and finally C.) Like plots where someone thinks one thing and it's really another. (ala Three's Company or I Love Lucy. Only this is not prime time.) And my final advice? Don't buy it for full price, you'll only feel satisfied you got it if you paid about half. ($0.01 to $8.99) I laughed enough to pur "Good" rather than "Average" in the rating. Have fun!

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Created: 09/10/10

Robin Williams excels in this dark comedy.

Review For: World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009)

If you love Robin Williams and Dark comedies then you'll probably enjoy The World's Greatest Dad. Though the topic in the film will probably affect a parent more than anyone else it is still appealing to other people.

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Created: 07/15/10

World's Greatest Dad

Review For: World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009)

As a fan of Robin WIlliams and avid collector of his films I felt the need to give this movie a try. And I'm so glad I did. The movie is very dark and not for children but for the intended audience it is fantastic. If you're a fan of Bobcat Goldthwait, or Robin's standup check this one out. If you're a fan of his in movies like Patch Adams, Flubber, or RV. You're going to hate it

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Created: 06/03/11

A must buy

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: World's Greatest Dad (DVD, 2009)

Funny as hell, robin williams is awesome in this film. He is really the world greatest dad. I saw this on tv and i jus had to buy it cuz i only saw half the movie and what i saw i loved so much i had 2 by it.

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